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Revised university policy updates through June 2021

Several policy revisions and deletions recently were approved. Please contact Angie Zirschky in the Policy Office or the responsible party listed in the policy with questions.

Approved Policy Revisions

Academic Probation and Dismissal (Policy 3000) – Revised 06/29/2021. Policy revised adding graduate student requirements throughout the policy. In addition, several definitions for GPA calculations were added. Under Section 4.2 – Dismissal/Continued Probation, subsection e. was added stating that undergraduate students may continue on probation for an unlimited number of semesters, and Section 4.7 – Academic Standing and Graduate Requirements, was added.

Student Enrollment and Class Schedule Changes (Policy 3010) – Revised 06/29/2021. Policy revised to cover enrollment procedures in addition to changes in class schedule procedures. Under Section 3.1, language was added clarifying that graduate assessment courses may be added after the tenth day of the semester, with approval, through the end of the sixth week of the semester. In addition, under Section 3.3.a, language was added stating that the requirements for completing a course for audit are determined by the instructor, and under Section 3.4.c, clarified that appeals for late drops after the semester has ended must be directed to the University Academic Appeals Committee.

Student Complete Withdrawal from the University (Policy 3110) – Revised 06/29/2021. Policy revised under the Policy Purpose to clarify “good standing.” Under Section 2., the process for how a student can withdraw from all courses and leave the University in good standing was updated. Under Section 3.1, language was added clarifying that a student is responsible for processing a complete withdrawal through their myBoiseState account or requesting an academic appeal if the withdrawal is made after the session deadline. The right of appeal procedures were updated under Section 3.2, and under Section 3.2.b, the language requiring a student to address registration holds (e.g., parking fines, library fines, etc.) before their academic appeal could be heard or processed was removed.

Office of Sponsored Programs (Policy 5030) – Revised 06/25/2021. Policy revised under Section 4.1 – Proposal Submission and Review Process, requiring proposals to be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) five (5) University business days prior to the proposal submission deadline. Proposal packages received without the required five (5) University business day lead time require an explanation of the extenuating circumstances. Urgent submission opportunities for new proposals, continuations, supplements, etc. where a five (5) University business day advance notification is not available do not require a written explanation of the extenuating circumstances. In these instances, the Principal Investigator should inform OSP who will work with the Principal Investigator to submit the proposal.

Use of Human Subjects (Policy 5050) – Revised 06/28/2021. Policy revised adding additional authority references and updating the Policy Purpose. The definitions for Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) and Human Subjects under Sections 3.1 and 3.2 were updated. The responsibilities for the University and the Vice President for Research and Economic Development under Sections 4.1 and 4.2 were updated, and the responsibilities for the Principal Investigator and the Office of Research Compliance were also updated under Sections 4.4 and 4.5 in alignment with University Policy 5070 (Animal Care and Use) and University Policy 5080 (Biosafety).

Animal Care and Use Policy (Policy 5070) – Revised 06/28/2021. Policy revised adding a Policy Scope and Audience. Additional authority references were added, and the Policy Purpose and Policy Statement were updated. In addition, Section 3.2.f – Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee was updated, and the responsibilities for Principal Investigators and the Office of Research Compliance were updated under Sections 3.3 and 3.4 respectively in alignment with University Policy 5050 (Use of Human Subjects) and University Policy 5080 (Biosafety).

Biosafety (Policy 5080) – Revised 06/28/2021. Policy revised adding Additional Authority references. Under Section 3.2, the language was revised to reflect the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Guidelines for recombinant and synthetic nucleic acid molecules. Under Section 4.2.b (ii.), the language was revised in alignment with University Policy 5050 (Use of Human Subjects), and under Section 4.4, the responsibilities for Principal Investigators were updated.

Donated Leave (Policy 7220) – Revised 07/01/2021. House Bill 0139 was recently passed amending Idaho Code Section 67-5334 allowing eligible employees to donate sick leave, in addition to vacation leave, to other State of Idaho employees who have exhausted their sick leave balances (the previous statutory language only allowed an employee to donate vacation leave). This change will allow 9-month faculty, who do not accrue vacation leave, to now donate accrued sick leave to their colleagues and other employees.

Emeritus Classified and Professional Employees (Policy 7480) – Revised 06/25/2021. Policy revised adding appeal language under Section 3.6.d stating that an individual whose emeritus status has been revoked by the University may make an appeal of such decision to the University president. The appeal must be made within ten (10) University business days after receiving notification of the revocation.

Clery Act Compliance (Policy 12000) – Revised 06/30/2021. Policy revised under Section 4.2.2 – Responsibilities, adding subsection c. clarifying that Licensed Master Social Workers (LMSWs) are exempt from disclosing offenses reported to them; however, LMSWs are required to provide crime victims with resources for reporting. In addition, the Policy Statement was amended deleting much of the procedural information for reporting emergencies which is currently contained on websites and in other locations/materials across campus. Under Section 4.2.a., the language was updated bringing the policy into compliance with recent federal statutory language changes.

Timely Warning for Crime Prevention (Policy 12090) – Revised 06/30/2021. Policy revised under Section 4.1.1.d. – Circumstances Requiring the University to Issue a Timely Warning, adding subsection (v.) which allows the University to not issue a timely warning for other circumstances in which it is determined that a warning would pose a greater risk to a victim or other individual than the benefit the campus community would receive from being warned. Additionally, Section 5. – Other Crime and Safety Communications (Safety Bulletins), was added allowing the University to notify the campus about other criminal activity and/or safety information that does not rise to the level of necessitating a timely warning. Subsections b. and c. were also added under Section 4.1.5 – Content of the Timely Warning, requiring a timely warning communication to specifically state that it is a timely warning being issued pursuant to the Clery Act.

Emergency Notification (Policy 12110) – Revised 06/30/2021. General language clean-up was made throughout the policy including minor amendments to support the addition of Section 5 – Other Crime and Safety Communications (Safety Bulletins) in University Policy 12090 (Timely Warning for Crime Prevention), which allows the University to issue Safety Bulletins about criminal activity and/or safety information that do not require a timely warning communication.

Policy Deletions

Employment Action Form (Policy 7120) – Approved 06/21/2021. This policy was last revised in 1998 and no longer reflects current processes.