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Student Complete Withdrawal From The University (Policy 3110)

University Policy 3110

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Effective Date

July 1985

Last Revision Date

July 1995

Responsible Party

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, (208) 426-1202

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all students enrolled at the University.

1. Policy Purpose

To establish a procedure for students who wish to withdraw and officially leave the University in good standing during an academic semester and to centralize control of the process for closing a student’s records, for exit counseling, and for clearances.

2. Policy Statement

Students who wish to withdraw from all courses and leave the University in “Good Standing” must file an official request with the Office of Student Special Services. Applied Technology students must meet with a counselor in the College of Technology Student Services Office before reporting to the Student Special Services Office.

Students who are physically unable to come to the University should telephone or write to the Student Special Services Office and Request a Petition for a Complete Withdrawal. The petition must be completed, signed and returned by the student requesting the withdrawal before the student’s record can be legally closed for the semester.

Student-initiated petitions for withdrawal are permitted from the day fees are paid until the end of the sixth week of the semester.

No courses or letter grades will be recorded during the first ten days of the semester for a complete withdrawal. After the tenth day and up through the end of the sixth week of the semester, all courses will be entered and a letter grade of “W” (Withdrawal: no credit or quality points earned) will be recorded on the student’s transcript. “W’s” earned as a result of a complete withdrawal from the University do not count toward the maximum number of “W’s” allowed for a student’s program. (See BSU Policy 2220.)

Students who stop attending classes during a semester without officially withdrawing or notifying the University will receive final grades of “F” in all courses. It is not necessary to withdraw from the University after a semester is successfully completed or between semesters.

3. Responsibilities and Procedures

3.1 Responsibility

The Student Special Services Office is responsible for approving and processing all requests for a student’s withdrawal from the University and all classes. This office will attempt to notify concerned offices of each full-time student’s withdrawal. Any office closing a segment of a student’s record is responsible for its own clearing process. The student has the ultimate responsibility for notifying the University and for completing the withdrawal process.

3.2 Procedures

a. A student normally reports to the Student Special Services Office with a current picture identification (i.e., driver’s license, BSU ID, State ID), as proof of identity. Federal law and University policy prevent changing an official academic record without the student’s written authorization. Students who are physically unable to come in can write to request a withdrawal or telephone to request that a withdrawal petition be mailed to them.

b. The student completes a Petition for a Complete Withdrawal to:

  • Provide an official request, signature, and permission to close records for that semester only;
  • Identify his/her reasons for leaving;
  • Verify the student’s current status at the University; and
  • Update his/her forwarding address.

c. The Complete Withdrawal Notification form is processed, notifying the Registrar and Business Office to close out the student’s academic file and financial records.

d. A Clearance form is prepared for all students with six credits or more to notify and clear records in concerned offices. Most students must clear at least one of the following areas:

  • Financial Aid – applies to ALL students for a records check and, if applicable, repayment instructions;
  • Laboratory Equipment – only students who have checked out keys, equipment, uniforms, instruments, etc.;
  • Student Residential Life – only students living in University housing;
  • Deferred Fee Payments – only students with deferred fees;
  • Veteran’s Clerk – only students receiving GI benefits; and
  • A copy will be sent to the student’s academic advisor.

e. Each Complete Withdrawal petition is reviewed by a Student Special Services Counselor and, where indicated, an exit interview is conducted to:

  • Clarify the student’s reason(s) for leaving, voice a complaint, verify circumstances for withdrawing;
  • Identify sources of assistance, and possibly make a referral to another campus or community agency;
  • Provide general information about readmission, academic majors, programs, transferring, financial aid, advising;
  • Explain procedures and determine offices to be cleared; and
  • Verify demographic information and any address, name, etc. changes.

f. Once all information has been verified and the interview completed, the Counselor will enter the withdrawal into the University’s computer system through the Student Information System.

g. Copies of the Complete Withdrawal Notification and Clearance forms are routed to appropriate offices.

3.3 Right of Appeal

a. Each student has the right of appeal to the Dean of Student Special Services for an exception to the Complete Withdrawal Policy because of verifiable extenuating circumstances that occur after the withdrawal deadline but prior to the end of the semester.

b. Extenuating circumstances are defined as beyond the student’s control, that physically prevent the student from completing course requirements, and prevent the student from notifying the University of the situation by telephone or by mail prior to the withdrawal deadline.

c. Appeals for exception to the Complete Withdrawal Policy after the completion of a semester will be reviewed and decided by the University Academic Appeals Committee.

Revision History

July 1994; July 1995