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Student Complete Withdrawal From The University (Policy 3110)

University Policy 3110

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Effective Date

July 1985

Last Revision Date

June 29, 2021

Responsible Party

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, (208) 426-1202
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, (208) 426-2384

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all students enrolled at the University.

Additional Authority

  • University Policy 3000 (Academic Probation and Dismissal)
  • University Policy 3170 (Limit on the Number of Withdrawals)
  • University Policy 3190 (Course Repetition – GPA Relationship)
  • University Policy 3200 (Registration and Transcript Holds)
  • University Policy 3230 (Calculation of GPA)

1. Policy Purpose

To establish a procedure for students who wish to withdraw and officially leave the University in good standing during an academic semester. Good standing is defined as when a student has complied with all explicit obligations to drop their courses while not being subject to any form of discipline or academic sanctioning. Good standing does not imply satisfactory academic standing (see University Policy 3000 – Academic Probation and Dismissal) has been met. A student may withdraw from courses, receive a CW, and leave in good standing but still remain on academic probation.

2. Policy Statement

A student wishing to withdraw from all courses and leave the University in good standing may do so by logging into their myBoiseState account and dropping all courses by the last day to drop with a W for the session in which the courses are offered (See academic calendar for all session deadlines). Based on the date of withdrawal, a student may still be responsible for fees (see University Catalog Chapter 6 – Tuition and Fees).

No courses or letter grades will be recorded for courses dropped before the last day to drop without a W for the session in which the courses are offered (See the Academic Calendar for all session deadlines). After the deadline to drop without a W and through the last date to drop with a W deadline for the session in which the courses are offered, a letter grade of W will be recorded on the student transcript. Ws earned as a result of a complete withdrawal from the University do not count toward the maximum number of Ws allowed for a student’s program. (See University Policy 3170 – Limit on the Number of Withdrawals).

A student who stops attending class during a semester without officially withdrawing or notifying the University may receive a final grades of “F” in their course(s).

3. Responsibilities

a. A student is responsible for processing a complete withdrawal through their myBoiseState account within the appropriate session deadlines or by requesting an academic appeal after the appropriate session deadlines.

b. The University Academic Appeals Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving or denying all requests for a student’s withdrawal from the University after the published session deadlines. All University Academic Appeals Committee decisions are final.

4. Right of Appeal

a. A complete withdrawal after the last day to drop with a W, or after the semester has ended, requires an academic appeal.

b. The student must complete the Academic Appeal Form along with the required letter, documentation, and signature. The letter is limited to one page, providing adequate justification and supporting pertinent documentation.

c. The decision of the University Academic Appeals Committee is final.

5. Forms

Academic Appeal Form

6. Related Information

Academic Calendar

University Catalog Chapter 6 – Tuition and Fees

Revision History

July 1994; July 1995; June 29, 2021