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NURS 227 Foundations of Nursing Care Lab

NURS 227: Foundations of Nursing Care Lab

Required For: Nursing BS Students

Course Description: Clinical experience focused on application of clinical judgment, therapeutic communication, and role of the nurse in assigned healthcare setting.

NURS 227 Student Feedback Form

Course Objectives

  1. Apply clinical judgment during encounters with clients choosing appropriate theory-guided and evidence-based interventions.
  2. Demonstrate the use of therapeutic communication and cultural humility during encounters with clients, facility staff members, classmates, and faculty.
  3. Advocate for healthcare resources appropriate to client situations.
  4. Demonstrate the scope and role of the nurse in the assigned health care setting.

Clinical Competencies

What the students should be doing during clinical experiences:

  • Focus on assessment, direct patient care skills with staff and/or instructor (vital signs, bathing, mobility, ADLs, feeding, etc.)
  • Observe facility nurse passing medications
  • Nursing skills with facility nurse or instructor (catheterization/flushing, dressings, IV flush, etc.)
  • Interdisciplinary shadow experiences as available
  • Helping with call lights when appropriate to experience level/familiarity with facility

The Student may not:

  • Be accountable for fetal or telemetry monitoring and interpretation.
  • Co-sign anything that requires nurse signature (blood, medication administration, wastage, admissions, etc.)
  • Witness or sign a consent document of any kind.
  • Hang blood independently
  • Independently pass medication, mobilize using lift equipment, any other skills that require nursing license (they can do these things assisted by licensed RN)
  • Independently receive a telephone or verbal physician order
  • Independently sign out medications from Pyxis, Omnicell, or similar dispensing system.