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NURS 417 Community and Population Health Nursing Lab

NURS 417: Community and Population Health Nursing Lab

Required For: Nursing BS Students

Course Description: This course is designed to provide students opportunities to practice skills required by professional nurses working in community and population health.

NURS 417 Student Feedback Form

Course Objectives

  • Describe a selected population and/or community
  • Support the purpose of the lab project with relevant sources and/or data
  • Apply basic human relations and conflict management skills in interactions with peers and other healthcare team members (AACN Essential VI for Public Health Nursing)
  • Demonstrate professional communication skills; non-verbal and/or verbal and written
  • Describe various approaches used to implement and improve public health process (AACN Essential V for Public Health Nursing)
  • Participate with stakeholders to identify vision, values, and principles for community action (AACN Essential II for Public Health Nursing)
  • Collaborate with community partners to promote the health of individuals and families within the population (AACN Essential VII for Public Health Nursing)
  • Utilize the social and ecological determinants of health to work effectively with diverse individuals, families, and groups (AACN Essential I for Public Health Nursing)

Clinical Competencies

What the students should be doing during clinical experiences:

  • Students will apply basic concepts of population-focused practice to assist a community organization with an identified need or question focused on a population or community.
  • Students may assess community needs, develop recommendations, implement short-term interventions, or develop short and long-range goals and interventions for the agency/population.
  • This clinical is done as a Service-Learning project.
  • Clinical hours: 3 credits equal 9 hours per week,135 hours for the semester.

The Student may not:

  • Be accountable for fetal or telemetry monitoring and interpretation.
  • Co-sign anything that requires nurse signature (blood, medication administration, wastage, admissions, etc.)
  • Witness or sign a consent document of any kind.
  • Hang blood independently
  • Independently pass medication, mobilize using lift equipment, any other skills that require nursing license (they can do these things assisted by licensed RN)
  • Independently receive a telephone or verbal physician order
  • Independently sign out medications from Pyxis, Omnicell, or similar dispensing system.