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Adjunct Appointment Policy & LOA (Letters of Appointment) (Policy SON 18)

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Effective Date

Fall 2023

Last Revision Date

October 2023

Responsible Party

School of Nursing Divisional Dean, Chief Nurse Administrator, Program Directors, Clinical Placement Coordinator, Clinical coordinators, and supporting administrative staff.

Scope and Audience

All School of Nursing adjunct faculty.

Additional Authority


1. Policy Purpose

To provide initial appointment guidelines, and the employment expectations for School of Nursing adjunct faculty.

2. Policy Statement

Boise State University recognizes the essential services that Adjunct Faculty provide to the University and its students. This policy ensures adjunct faculty employment is applied consistently across the University and is compliant with applicable federal and state laws, and Idaho State Board of Education and University policies.

Employment Requirements

  • This appointment is for an at‐will employment position and may be dismissed at any time for any reason, or for no reason, with or without notice, so long as the dismissal is not prohibited by law.
  • Employment as an adjunct faculty member is part‐time and without fringe benefits. Limited salary continuation may be provided for eligible part‐time faculty in the event of unforeseen personal illness or injury, in accordance with State Board of Education policy.
  • All employees are subject to and must comply with the policies of Boise State University and the Idaho State Board of Education.
    • Employees must meet the qualifications for the employment, including holding the appropriate credentials and degrees.
  • Employees must disclose to the hiring manager for this appointment information regarding any other appointments Employees will hold at Boise State during this term to allow assessment of work load commitment and FLSA compliance.
  • Appointments will be contingent upon a background check per Boise State Policy #7005, for all new employees and those with more than a 12 month break in service.
  • Employees who intend to work outside of Idaho must receive special authorization from the University before starting work due to taxation codes, unemployment, workers compensation and other considerations. Employees must acknowledge acceptance of this appointment by signing this Letter of Appointment and returning it to the office of the Department Chairperson within five (5) days.
  • All adjuncts to have current, unencumbered RN licensure for the State of Idaho (Single state Idaho license or Multistate license inclusive of Idaho) that covers the duration of the semester.
  • All Adjunct Faculty must complete the Adjunct Faculty Hiring Form to provide information required for the School of Nursing.
  • Employees must complete the I‐9 form on or before the first day of employment or within 10 days of signing the LOA. Failure to comply with I‐9 requirements voids employment eligibility. Please go to Human Resource Services, located in Capitol Village #3, to complete this form. If it has been more than three months from their most recent appointment, all Adjunct Faculty may be required to complete the I-9 work verification process with HR and HR may require a background check to activate their employment status for payroll. These items are required for all first appointments.

Continuing Employment

  • Student and supervisor evaluations are a metric used for continued employment. Poor evaluations may result in termination of the Adjunct contract.
  • An Adjunct Faculty is responsible for compliance with the terms, conditions, and duties specified in the LOA. Failure to perform any of the specified duties and/or responsibilities may result in:
    • Termination of the appointment by the University, and/or
    • Further payment to be denied until the services have been rendered.
  • A professional email account will be created for Employees and designated with the Employees are expected to keep professional communications/work separate from potential student/work/personal communications.
  • LOA contracts cover Employees roles and participation as outlined in the Clinical Instructor Handbook and include but are not limited to the following activities:
    • Student placements and class time on assigned clinical day(s).
    • Class prep.
    • Grading time.
    • Administrative communications or meetings with students, faculty, SON staff and/or healthcare partners.
    • Clinical Instructor Orientation.
    • Onboarding activities and compliance requirements required by the SON or the healthcare partners.
  • Pay assumes adherence to the Clinical Instructor Attendance Policy as stated in the handbook and participation/completion of the above responsibilities. Excessive absences, of 2 or more scheduled clinical events, may result in a reduction of pay proportional to the time missed.
  • All Adjunct Faculty should review/update their contact information via the BroncoHub update process through their myBoisestate account. All Adjunct Faculty will also establish their Payroll Direct Deposit by adding bank account information in the Bronco Hub Pay module to ensure paychecks are deposited electronically.

3. Forms

4. Related Information

BSU: Adjunct Faculty (Policy 4220), First Things First, I-9 Work Verification Process, Letters of Appointment (LOA)
SON: Adjunct Faculty Hiring Form

Last Review Date

October 2023

Revision History

October 2023