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Conquer Your Technology Fears in Three Easy Steps

Your Technology Fears Conquered

Do you feel less like a technology rock star and more like a technology newbie? Do you hesitate to take an online course because of the technology involved? Well, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Many of our students bring fears of using new technology or adapting to an online environment when they are getting started.

Explore three common fears below and strategies to conquer them.

Fear: I won’t know how to use all the technology

Conqueror Strategy: You may already know much of it–and if not, you can easily learn.

True, there may be some new technologies for you to learn and adjust to in an online course. Many of these programs use functions that are similar to the tools you already know and use online. Uploading images to Facebook, for example, is similar to how you upload your assignments in the learning management system. Emailing is similar to how you participate in online discussions. Even if you aren’t familiar with specific programs, you’re likely already familiar with what you need to do to make them work. And if not, there are plenty of Boise State resources to help you figure things out along the way.

Fear: I haven’t written a paper or done online research for a class in forever.

Conqueror Strategy: The library is still a great resource–and a very modern one.

Even if you haven’t been in school for years, you likely still know some fundamentals–such as needing to find external sources for a paper or project.

Remember the days before the Internet? If you wanted to do research you went to the library, looked through the card catalog and maybe consulted a librarian for some assistance. The process is still roughly the same, just with different tools.

Instead of going to the library, you can access their website. Instead of looking through the card catalog, you can search through several databases at once. Instead of meeting with a librarian face-to-face (though this is still an option) you can call, text, email, or even chat online.

The Albertsons Library is a great resource for learning how to do online searches, particularly related to research. They have compiled several resource guides complete with video tutorials.
Here are a couple that may prove particularly valuable:

When all else fails, go to Google and start typing. You got this!

Fear: I don’t fully know how to use all of Microsoft Office.

Conqueror Strategy: Dive right in–it’s easier than you might think!

The web is full of resources and tutorials on how to use the software. You can practice your online searching skills looking for resources. Go to Google and type “Microsoft Word,” for example. Add the word “tutorial,” and you’ll find even more resources. Boise State also offers the full Microsoft Office Suite to enrolled students which you can access and download from the Office of Information Technology.

So there you have it…

Email, online searches, and Microsoft Word. Beyond that, the Boise State Help Desk at The Zone, can provide additional assistance including helping you troubleshoot problems. So what are you waiting for?

Technology Resources

Hear from Student Success Coach, AJ about support and resources available to help you feel comfortable with all of the technology utilized in our online programs.