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Utilize the Educational Access Center

Boise State offers disability services for online and distance students

Utilize the Educational Access Center

A question that often comes up when students inquire about online courses and programs offered through Boise State is: “Do you offer disability services for online and distance students?” We are happy to answer this question with a definite “Yes!”

What is the Educational Access Center?

The Educational Access Center provides academic accommodations for students who may have temporary or permanent disabilities. The Center provides leadership to the Boise State University community and supports the university’s goal of creating a high-quality educational experience for all students. The Educational Access Center empowers students to accomplish their educational goals by advancing access and facilitating independence.
Students who either know or suspect they have a disability should contact the Educational Access Center for an assessment. Since every student is unique, all assessments start with a personal conversation to determine what accommodations are needed.

Classroom accommodations also vary based on student needs and location. It is important to connect with the Center as early as possible, especially if you are working with the Center from a distance.

Start the Process Early

How early is early? As soon as you know you need assistance. This may mean after you are accepted to the university, when you register for classes or if you are struggling in your course. Representatives from the Educational Access Center work directly with faculty, so the earlier you contact the Center for an assessment, the greater your odds are of having a successful experience in class.

Be Comfortable with Technology

Another key to having a successful experience is being comfortable with technology. If you struggle with technology, learning to use some assistive technology programs may be challenging. Having strong technical skills will make the transition to the online classroom much less stressful. And less stress leaves you with more time to focus on being successful.

To learn more about the Educational Access Center including accommodation services, assessments and your rights and responsibilities, visit the Educational Access Center website.