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The Work Was Worth It. Boise State Online Celebrates Fall 2020 Graduates!

Congratulations Graduates

No matter the obstacles in the way, you persevered and kept going — YOU DID IT! Commencement is here!

Boise State Online staff applauds all 212 graduates from our 11 Boise State Online programs for achieving a significant and transformative milestone. We’ve gathered nine stories from graduating students to capture their experiences in our programs. How has Boise State impacted their lives? What will they do next? Read on.

Graduate Mason Hampton – Master of Science in Accountancy

Mason Hampton stands outside of a building, holding a textbook
Mason Hampton, Master of Science in Accountancy graduate. Photo by Arlie Sommer, Boise State Extended Studies.

Boise State has been a part of Mason Hampton’s life for nearly eight years! He began his Boise State journey in 2013 as an offensive lineman for Boise State Football, while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. At the close of his undergraduate journey, he was awarded the Mountain West Conference Male Scholar-Athlete of the year!

But his Boise State journey didn’t stop there. At this week’s commencement, Mason will graduate with his Master of Science in Accountancy! The online program gave him the flexibility to continue to work full time and pursue an advanced degree.

“I have spent a lot of time at Boise State. I was thinking about it the other day. It has been almost eight years that I have been here. I look back on my time fondly.”

To celebrate the milestone with friends and family, Mason’s wife plans on setting up a stage in the backyard for him to walk across as if the ceremony is in person!

Congratulations, Mason!

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Graduate Cortney Campbell – Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Twin Falls native, Cortney Campbell, began her Boise State journey at the age of 20. She decided to pursue her interests in entrepreneurship full-time, leading her to put a hold on her bachelor’s degree.

Cortney Campbell is pictured hugging her mother
Graduate Cortney Campbell and her mother. Photo provided by Cortney Campbell.

Last year, Campbell decided she wanted to continue her learning to not only strengthen her retail/wholesale business but to also build modern skills to help her in many aspects of life.

She is very appreciative of Boise State Online and the flexibility it gave her to pursue higher education while advancing her business.  “Online learning for someone like me is critical, especially at times where you feel like your skillset is not as relevant as it once was.”

After graduation, she will start a master’s program and hopes to follow it with a Ph.D. program. Boise State and future education programs will help her prepare for her next professional goal: teaching Idaho’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

Congratulations, Cortney!

Learn more about Boise State Online’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Management program.

Graduate Jeff Ha – Bachelor of Arts in Public Health

Boise State carried a sense of comfort and familiarity to the ambitious soon-to-be graduate, Jeff Ha. During his youth, Jeff attended a few courses with his mother, who is now an alumna of the Boise State Nursing Program.

Seeking a career shift and wanting to expand his knowledge,  Jeff decided to go back to Boise State to complete a second bachelor’s degree in public health.

Jeff Ha sits on steps and smiles at camera
Jeff Ha, Bachelor of Arts in Public Health Graduate. Photo provided by Jeff Ha.

Boise State Online allowed Jeff to also play a significant role in Idaho’s COVID response as he worked for Central District Health. Jeff credits Dr. Caile Spear for helping him find his place at Boise State, and for serving as an inspirational mentor and consistent supporter during his professional and academic journeys.

“Although this particular online program is on an accelerated time frame, I have been able to connect with many public health professionals and organizations in the community.”

After graduation, Jeff aspires to work as a health education specialist in Idaho! Jeff also plans to further his education in a Boise State master’s degree program.

Congratulations, Jeff!

Learn more about Boise State Online’s Bachelor of Arts in Public Health program.

Graduate Reggie Larry – Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies

Reggie Larry began his Boise State journey after completing his associate’s degree in 2006. He played on the Boise State Men’s Basketball team for two years while working on his bachelor’s degree.

Reggie Larry headshot with a blurred background
Reggie Larry, Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies Graduate. Photo provided by Reggie Larry.

In pursuit of a professional basketball career, Reggie paused his academic pursuits to prioritize training. Between seasons of playing abroad, he continued to take courses at Boise State to get closer to completing his degree.

The availability and flexibility of the professors is something that helped Reggie throughout his college career. He learned that although the program is fully online, it is not an independent study as the professors are there to support you and help you grow.

Reggie has worked towards a bachelor’s degree to set an example for his six young nieces and nephews. He hopes he can inspire them to pursue their own dreams and goals.

Congratulations, Reggie!

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Graduate Michelle Cole – Bachelor of Applied Science

Seeking to further her education and to become a better leader, Michelle Cole made the decision to go back to school at Boise State and get her Bachelor of Applied Science.

Michelle Cole stands outside and smiles into camera
Michelle Cole, Bachelor of Applied Science graduate. Photo provided by Michelle Cole.

The online program helped Michelle build important communication and leadership skills from the comfort of her home.

“I feel the information I have gained in the time I have been a part of Boise State has made me more of an asset to the work I do and better at building relationships with the individuals I work with.“

Michelle was able to work full time and find a program that worked best for her lifestyle. Boise State Online truly puts the students’ success first. Her time at Boise State has helped her realize that learning is a lifelong journey. Following graduation, Michelle plans to take the vital skills and lessons she learned wherever she goes!

Congratulations, Michelle!

Learn more about Boise State Online’s Bachelor of Applied Science program. 

Graduate Austin Richardson – Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications

a military uniform with a graduation cap and Austin Richardson with his young son
Austin Richardson, Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications graduate. Photos provided by Austin Richardson.

Higher education was something that Austin Richardson always had his eye on. Six and a half years ago, he enlisted into the United States Navy. During his training, he was able to complete his associate’s degree in Arabic studies. After his last sea-duty, he set a goal to complete his bachelor’s degree and enrolled in Boise State Online.

In particular, Austin was drawn to the unique experiences and job versatility that an integrated strategic communications degree offered. There are so many different sectors someone with this degree could work in! Boise State Online also brought a sense of familiarity and comfort.

“I love that I had the opportunity to attend Boise State from across the US. Being a Boise native and never having a shortage of Bronco gear in the house, it is amazing to think that this is where I was able to finish my bachelor’s degree.”

After he finishes serving in the Navy, he hopes to further his education and attend law school.

Congratulations, Austin!

Learn more about Boise State Online’s Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications program.

Graduate Jovy Schur – Bachelor of Applied Science

Jovy Schur sits in a room and smiles at camera
Jovy Schur, Bachelor of Applied Science graduate. Photo provided by Jovy Schur.

Attending college in the United States was a dream for Jovy Schur. She was born and raised in the Philippines and immigrated to Meridian, Idaho 15 years ago.

Following the completion of her associate’s degree, she worked to provide for her family. A few years later, she knew she wanted more job opportunities. This desire led her to find Boise State Online to allow her to work and pursue a bachelor’s degree.

The Boise State Online Bachelor of Applied Science program was interesting to Jovy because she was able to continue to build on what she learned. The integrated program offered a wide range of skills and future opportunities.

English was Jovy’s second language, but she successfully worked through communication barriers with the help of staff and faculty. The patience and counseling through different processes or assignments are what made her time at Boise State outstanding.

“The Boise State Online advisors were very helpful and became my compass. They guided me through my educational journey at Boise State.”

Following graduation, she plans to work full-time and pursue a master’s degree!

Congratulations, Jovy!

Learn more about Boise State Online’s Bachelor of Applied Science program.

Kati Searles – Bachelor of Arts Multidisciplinary Studies

Kati Searles is a fifth-generation Idahoan and Boise State felt like the best next step when starting her college journey in 1983. After a few semesters, she decided to leave college and focus on family and work full-time as a paraprofessional for the West Ada School District.

Kati Searles poses with her academic advisor and her daughter
Photo captured in 2014 after Kati Searles presented a speech to 150 people at the unveiling of the Passport to Education program at Boise State. As a participating student, the program allowed Kati to reduce the overall cost of her degree. She is pictured with Faye Montoya, an academic advisor who helped her start her degree journey, and her daughter Kristine, a constant, encouraging supporter! Photo provided by Kati Searles.

Fast forward a few decades to when Kati decided to return to Boise State through the online multidisciplinary studies program — she was understandably anxious. However, her time at Boise State instilled a new sense of confidence and optimism! Not only has she completed a bachelor’s degree, but she also earned a Lead Certificate. The leadership courses were outstanding classes that helped form her growth mindset.

“This experience has been so much more collaborative, welcoming and geared towards me, the student. Classes are geared towards what I need and the things I need to do, and then professors inform me and help me.”

Post-graduation, Kati hopes to continue her professional development and work towards a master’s degree!

Congratulations, Kati!

Learn more about Boise State Online’s Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies program.

Juliet Forbes – Master of Social Work

Future social worker, Juliet Forbes, was born and raised in California. After completing her undergraduate degree, she found her passion for social work during different in-the-field experiences. To further her education and pursue a career in clinical social work, Juliet began her Boise State Online journey.

Juliet Forbes poses in graduation regalia and smiles widely into camera
Juliet Forbes, Master of Social Work graduate. Photo provided by Juliet Forbes.

One unique aspect of the Boise State Master of Social Work Online program was the collaboration and cohesiveness between the students. Although they are online, students become close to one another as they worked through the program together.

“Even though it is online, remember you still have your professors and your advisor, and who I leaned on the most, were my classmates. Even if it’s online, those are still human connections, and really lean on them when you need them.”

Higher education has been a lot more than books to read for Juliet. Challenging the status quo and connecting with other people are two key elements of her program that Juliet was so thankful for. The tools she learned from Boise State Online allowed her to feel confident in moving her professional career forward.

Juliet Forbes will graduate with her Master of Social Work degree today! She hopes to work with a mobile crisis team and collaborate with law enforcement on improving crisis response.

Congratulations, Juliet!

Learn more about the Boise State Master of Social Work Online program.


Congratulations Fall 2020 graduates! Once a Bronco, ALWAYS a Bronco!


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Story by Alexis Ross and Pamela Craig


The Multidisciplinary Studies Program name was changed to Interdisciplinary Professional Studies in April 2022.