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Boise State staff on a mission to support military students

army students standing outside together on Boise State's campus.A partnership forged in a shared goal to help military students

Boise State University and Mission43, an J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation military initiative, have partnered to make continued education more accessible for military students and their spouses. Since 2016, Mission43 has provided Active Duty and retired military personnel information with the resources they and their spouses qualify for when pursuing higher education. The official partnership between Boise State and Mission43 ensures that military students and their spouses will have more support during and after their time at Boise State.

“Our new partnership is aimed at benefiting current service members, Veterans and military spouses who are exploring education options. Returning to school and thinking about the future can be exciting and intimidating at the same time,” said Laura Porter, Senior Outreach Coordinator for Boise State Military Programs. “In collaboration with Mission43, we roll out the blue carpet for each person we work with, which can take their experience from good to great.”

Support from application to graduation and beyond

Going back to school can feel daunting for many military families. The partnership between Boise State and Mission43 will support students from application to graduation and beyond. “Working alongside Mission43 allows prospective students to work closely with people who take their military career and goals into consideration when discussing how education can fit into their lives,” said Porter. “Our teams work hand-in-hand to provide information, resources and personalized guidance on everything from comparing degree programs to finding career pathways.”

During the application process, Boise State and Mission43 staff help students find the right degree program, transfer their Community College of the Air Force credits and make going back to school a smooth process.

“There are a few barriers that current service members frequently face, including cost, consistent access and time commitments,” Porter expressed. “We’ve tackled these pain points by expanding fully-online degree offerings and creating innovative financial resources like our Tuition Assistance Promise.”

The university’s Tuition Assistance Promise program makes the cost-per-credit for service members free or as close to free as possible.

Military students may be eligible to receive credit for prior learning, helping students graduate faster. Credit for prior learning, sometimes called experiential learning, allows students to challenge courses they have knowledge in from past work, life or military experience.

Military Programs works with military students to recognize the skills and knowledge gained through military service to apply experiential credits. These opportunities come from a variety of places: in several Boise State programs, prior learning credits are achieved through a course challenge, but students can also utilize the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or other traditional placement exams.

Supporting students while they serve

Boise State Military Programs works with Boise State Online and other campus partners to build a degree plan that works for military students. Leonard Rogers, a member of the U.S. Navy and Bronco alumni, recounted talking with Boise State Online about his concerns regarding an online degree and the support he would receive.

“When I spoke with Scott, I explained my situation with the Navy and being gone for weeks out to sea,” said Rogers. “Scott assured me that Boise State and its professors were understanding of military personnel. He was right about it all. I’ve been very thankful for the freedom and flexibility that Boise State Online has given me.”

The collaboration between Military Programs and other university partners creates a comprehensive network to provide students with connection and access to a variety of support services and resources.

Your gain is our gain

Supporting military students and their spouses is one of Boise State’s main passions; it excites staff. Porter said, “My favorite part of working with the military community is watching them go from feeling uncertain about their next steps to sending us their graduation photos.”

Students will continue to be empowered and supported even after graduation. Boise State and Mission43 help military and veteran students and their spouses continue to find career connections, professional development opportunities and alumni networks after receiving their diplomas.

“Boise State is a prime example of how determination and targeted support can make huge impacts,” said Porter. “We’ve nearly quadrupled our military student population over the past few years, and strategic partnerships such as this reinforce our commitment to education in the military community.”

Maximize progress, minimize costs

Not sure how to get started?

Porter said the Mission43 Toolkit is a great place for prospective students to start, “You can utilize our Major Finder tool, find important deadlines and connect with a counselor all in one place.”

Learn More About The Mission43 Toolkit