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Online Programs: Advancing your education whenever and wherever you’re ready

Woman sitting on stairs while studying on a computerAdvancing your education is clicks away

Boise State University offers 100+ online programs and 900+ unique online courses to meet your needs anytime and anywhere. Each online program is designed to help you achieve your educational goals -affordably- with all the amenities and prestige of a traditional degree. Each of the 100+ degrees, minors, certificates and endorsements are 100% online.

Any investment in education is an investment in yourself, one that advances your professional status and increases your earning potential. When comparing average weekly earnings, those with a college degree earn more than those without a degree. Degree holders make approximately 44 percent more than those who don’t have any higher education and 36 percent more than those with some college, no degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Start now, define your future as you grow

Boise State Online program students can advance their education before committing to a major. If you’re unsure which degree program you want to take on, but you are interested in getting a head start on your degree, the Online Degree Pathway is for you (ODP). The Online Degree Pathway guides undergraduate students through general education classes required for every class major.

Online programs for the modern learner

Boise State Online programs are for the modern learner.  Whether you plan on taking classes virtually here in Boise or completing courses around the world, Boise State professors and student coaches are here to help you achieve your goals from application to graduation and beyond because wherever you are, you’re a Bronco.

Developing your education doesn’t mean starting anew. Boise State Online students come from all walks of life with a plethora of previous work, life and educational experience. Boise State’s Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Arts Multidisciplinary Studies were designed to give students the chance to maximize credits and minimize costs. These programs utilize options like credit for prior learning to allow students to challenge courses with knowledge from past work, life or military experiences, and work with students to ensure that no credit is wasted!

Online students can develop their education while continuing to commit to what is important to them. Alana Lynn, a recent Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications, said, “The online program fits in with my lifestyle. It fits in with being a mom. It fits in with being a full-time employee.”

Alana Lynn worked in the radio industry for 22 years before coming to Boise State to earn her Bachelor’s degree – a goal she had always wanted to achieve.

Boise State Online programs attract students from around the world for many reasons. Like Lynn, Jessika Wass, Ervina Covcic and Dave LaGuardia chose Boise State online because of its affordability, staff support and prior learning credit options.

Woman posing for a graduation photo

Prepare and Prevail

Boise State Online Student Success Coaches are here to help you apply, transfer credits and make a map for your future. Student Success Coaches can teach you all of the tips and tricks for staying ahead in school and can help dispel common concerns and misconceptions about an online degree.

For more information on Boise State Online programs, support and when to apply, visit the Boise State Online website today!