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Is an MBA worth it?

Is a master’s degree in business administration worth your time and money? Two common scenarios may cause you to question the timing and potential return on investment of the Online MBA.

Is An Online MBA Worth It If I Just Got A Promotion?

Many students pursue an MBA to prepare them for a new job. But what if you have already received a promotion? With your new title and role in the organization, you might question: “Is an MBA worth the time and money if I have already moved up?”

Job promotions come with new responsibilities. Boise State’s Online Master of Business Administration prepares you with a wide range of skills to apply immediately in your new job setting, including business acumen, analytical and strategic thinking and communication and leadership skills.

Many employers value advanced education and support employee development. Enrolling in an MBA signals commitment to your new role and professional growth. Boise State’s Online MBA makes balancing your education with your busy personal life easier. You can access your courses and textbooks 24/7, wherever you are, and the program includes six starts a year, seven-week courses and a convenient online format. Scholarships are available, and there are no GMAT or GRE admission requirements — making the program uniquely accessible to all students.

Boise State’s unique Online MBA emphasis areas allow you to customize your academic experience further, increasing the relevancy and applicability to your new role. Boise State offers emphasis areas in the following fields in addition to a general MBA:

  • Business Analytics
  • Construction Management
  • Cyber Operations
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing Leadership

Overall, an MBA can provide you with the skills, knowledge and credentials you need to succeed in your new role and continue to advance your career over time.

Is An Online MBA Worth It In Uncertain Economic Times?

Industry-wide layoffs, rising inflation and a global recession are all reasons you might be nervous about investing in your education.

However, getting an MBA during uncertain economic times can be a strategic move for several reasons:

  1. Stand out in a competitive job market. During an economic recession, the job market can become highly competitive, and employers may be looking for candidates with additional credentials and skills. Boise State’s Online MBA can help you stand out from the crowd with the program’s national reputation for high-quality education.
  2. Get a comprehensive education. An Online MBA from Boise State provides new skills and knowledge to help you adapt to changing economic conditions and take advantage of new opportunities. Learn about new business models, financial management, entrepreneurship and other widely applicable subjects.
  3. Expand your professional network. As a student in Boise State’s Online MBA, you’ll be surrounded by other professionals with significant work experience in various fields from all over the U.S. Building these valuable relationships with your peers helps you strengthen your professional network. During an economic recession, having reliable connections can be particularly beneficial for finding job opportunities and navigating the job market.
  4. Prepare for future growth. Although an uncertain economy can be challenging, it can also create opportunities for growth and innovation. Boise State’s Online MBA begins with an immersive Design Thinking course to give you a unique advantage in today’s technology-driven economy and develop skills to pursue and cultivate meaningful innovation.
  5. Increase your earning potential. Individuals with an MBA tend to earn higher salaries than those without one, which can be especially valuable during an economic recession when wages may stagnate or decline.

Getting an Online MBA from Boise State during uncertain economic times is a strategic move to help you stand out in a competitive job market, develop new skills and prepare for future growth and opportunities.

Pursuing Transformative Education Is Worth It

Boise State’s Online Master of Business Administration significantly changes the trajectory of our students’ lives. Ebony Bains and Kelly Howe, two Online MBA students, reported that investing in Boise State’s program was worthwhile for them.

Ebony Bains, a Boise State Online MBA graduate, recently shared her experience in the program.

“Having my MBA has already paid off as I have excelled in my chief of staff position,” Bains explained. “Within this role, I can tie the professional experience and knowledge gained from the MBA to my ability to make better strategic planning and investment decisions.”

Reflecting on the impact of Boise State on himself and his family, Boise State Online MBA student Kelly Howe realized the transformative power of a college education.

“I would say the biggest impact it has had is in the example I set for my kids,” he stated. “I was not successful in college when I was younger. I want my kids to see it is possible to finish and continue on, regardless of life’s circumstances and challenges you may experience.”

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