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Fall Only 2022 Online Course List

NOTE: This course list was updated on October 3, 2022. Additional course information is found on myBoiseState. For details on how to search for online courses see myBoiseState Class Search.
See Online University Foundations to review online options available. Students taking VESi courses are also advised to read a VESi overview before enrolling.

Online Course List

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ACAD 101Fall 2022Academic Success Topics: First Year Student Success210-17-202212-09-2022
ACCT 206Fall 2022Intro to Managerial Account310-17-202212-09-2022
ANTH 102Fall 2022Cultural Anthropology310-17-202212-09-2022
ANTH 103Fall 2022Introduction to Archaeology310-17-202212-09-2022
BAS 305Fall 2022Intro to the Applied Sciences110-17-202212-09-2022
BAS 495Fall 2022Capstone Project210-17-202212-09-2022
BRNCOFIT 164Fall 2022Online Personal Fitness & Goal110-17-202212-09-2022
BRNCOFIT 167Fall 2022Home Bodyweight Fitness110-17-202212-09-2022
BUSBTC 302Fall 2022Business Foundations II310-17-202212-09-2022
BUSBTC 310Fall 2022Creating Value with People310-17-202212-09-2022
BUSBTC 410Fall 2022Business Planning Applications310-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMBA 500Fall 2022Intro & Business Foundations110-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMBA 501Fall 2022Design Thinking & Strategic Mg410-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMBA 520Fall 2022Global Economics410-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMBA 521Fall 2022Leadership in AEC410-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMBA 525Fall 2022Managerial Accounting410-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMBA 530Fall 2022Leadership and Communication410-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMBA 531Fall 2022Leadership for Health Prof410-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMBA 545Fall 2022Business Law and Ethics410-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMBA 555Fall 2022Integrated Capstone410-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMGT 300Fall 2022Orientation110-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMGT 304Fall 2022Design Thinking310-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMGT 325Fall 2022International Business Mgmt310-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMGT 342Fall 2022Strategic Tools310-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMGT 347Fall 2022Law for Managers310-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMGT 360Fall 2022Leadership & High Performing310-17-202212-09-2022
BUSMGT 425Fall 2022Capstone310-17-202212-09-2022
COID 264Fall 2022PM1: Start, Plan, Run310-17-202212-09-2022
COID 265Fall 2022PM2: Apply, Execute, Deliver410-17-202212-09-2022
COID 266Fall 2022IT1: Support and Networking310-17-202212-09-2022
COID 267Fall 2022IT2: Admin, Services, Security410-17-202212-09-2022
COID 268Fall 2022DA1: Prepare, Process, Analyze310-17-202212-09-2022
COID 269Fall 2022DA2: Visualize, Share, Act410-17-202212-09-2022
COID 332Fall 2022Analytics for Design310-17-202212-09-2022
COID 333Fall 2022Emerging Technology310-17-202212-09-2022
COID 335Fall 2022Agile Audio/Visual310-17-202212-09-2022
COID 338Fall 2022Pitching Ideas310-17-202212-09-2022
COID 339Fall 2022Career Hacking310-17-202212-09-2022
COID 352Fall 2022Designing for Impact310-17-202212-09-2022
COID 353Fall 2022UX Design Studio310-17-202212-09-2022
COID 497Fall 2022Special Topics: Collegiate Esports110-17-202212-09-2022
COID 497Fall 2022Special Topics: Content Creation110-17-202212-09-2022
COID 497Fall 2022Special Topics: Gaming Culture110-17-202212-09-2022
COID 497Fall 2022Special Topics: Introduction to Esports110-17-202212-09-2022
COMM 101Fall 2022Fundamentals of Oral Comm310-17-202212-09-2022
CONFLICT 413Fall 2022Mediation and Negotiation310-17-202212-09-2022
CONFLICT 513Fall 2022Mediation and Negotiation310-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 401Fall 2022Cyber Risk Assessment110-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 411Fall 2022AI and Machine Learning110-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 450Fall 2022Cyber Threat Intelligence310-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 470Fall 2022Cyber Risk Management310-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 480Fall 2022Cyber Capstone310-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 497Fall 2022Special Topics: Zero Trust Architecture310-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 501Fall 2022Cyber Risk Assessment110-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 511Fall 2022AI and Machine Learning110-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 550Fall 2022Cyber Threat Intelligence310-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 561Fall 2022Net Design and Exploit Tech310-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 570Fall 2022Cyber Risk Management310-17-202212-09-2022
CORE 597Fall 2022Special Topics: Zero Trust Architecture310-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Adv Clsrm Mgmt: Child as Chang210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Informat210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Autism & Asperger's Disorders210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Bhvr Lang: Strat Mgng Dis Beh310-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Building Social Confidence210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Child Abuse: Working w/Abused & Neglected Children210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Drugs/Alchl Schls: Undst Substance Use & Abuse210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: ELL: Evaluation and Assessment310-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: ELL: Linguistics310-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Educ Assess: Assess Stdt Lrng210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation In Sch210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Inclusion: Work Spec Needs Stu210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Infant & Toddler Mental Health210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Lrng Disab:Prac Info Clsrm Tea310-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Response to Intervention: Prac310-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Talent & Gifted: Work High Ach210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Tchng Diversity: Influ & Issue210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Traumatized Child: Effects Stress/Trauma on Lrng210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Try DI: Plan & Prep Differetia210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Undrstndg Aggression: Coping w/Aggressive Beh Cls310-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Violence in Schools: Identify/Prevention/Intervent210-17-202212-09-2022
COUN 494Fall 2022Conference or Workshop: Why DI?: An Intro to Different310-17-202212-09-2022
CPS 203Fall 2022Intro to DFIR310-17-202212-09-2022
CPS 401Fall 2022Defensive Security310-17-202212-09-2022
CPS 402Fall 2022Offensive Security310-17-202212-09-2022
CPS 412Fall 2022Essentials for IT Cybersecurit310-17-202212-09-2022
ECON 201Fall 2022Principles of Macroeconomics310-17-202212-09-2022
ED-CIFS 201Fall 2022Education, Schooling & Society310-17-202212-09-2022
ENGL 101Fall 2022Writing and Rhetoric I310-17-202212-09-2022
ENGL 102Fall 2022Writing and Rhetoric II310-17-202212-09-2022
ENTBUS 387Fall 2022Entrepreneurial Marketing310-17-202212-09-2022
ENTBUS 427Fall 2022Launching a New Business310-17-202212-09-2022
FILM 220Fall 2022Cinema History & Aesthetics310-17-202212-09-2022
GEOG 102Fall 2022Cultural Geography310-17-202212-09-2022
HEP 240Fall 2022Health Education and Promotion310-17-202212-09-2022
HLTH 110Fall 2022Intro to Hlth Sci & Pub Hlth310-17-202212-09-2022
HLTH 310Fall 2022Evidence-Based Public Health310-17-202212-09-2022
HLTH 365Fall 2022Quality Improve & Perform Mgmt310-17-202212-09-2022
HLTH 400Fall 2022Interprofessional Capstone110-17-202212-09-2022
HLTH 419Fall 2022Public Health Communications310-17-202212-09-2022
HLTH 480Fall 2022Epidemiology310-17-202212-09-2022
HLTH 488Fall 2022Student Outcomes Assessment010-17-202212-09-2022
HONORS 390Fall 2022Crafting Pro Narratives110-17-202212-09-2022
HONORS 498Fall 2022Honors Seminar: Senior Seminar110-17-202212-09-2022
IPS 305Fall 2022Introduction to IPS110-17-202212-09-2022
IPS 315Fall 2022Integrative Thinking210-17-202212-09-2022
IPS 375Fall 2022Perspective Taking310-17-202212-09-2022
IPS 420Fall 2022Globalization310-17-202212-09-2022
IPS 440Fall 2022Project Management and Design310-17-202212-09-2022
IPS 460Fall 2022Dimensions of Wellness210-17-202212-09-2022
IPS 495Fall 2022Capstone Project210-17-202212-09-2022
ITM 105Fall 2022Spreadsheet Topics210-17-202212-09-2022
MATH 123Fall 2022Math in Modern Society310-17-202212-09-2022
MATH 133Fall 2022Elementary Models w/ Functions310-17-202212-09-2022
MEDIA 301Fall 2022Multimedia Storytelling310-17-202212-09-2022
MEDIA 304Fall 2022Visual Communication310-17-202212-09-2022
MEDIA 352Fall 2022Professional Readiness110-17-202212-09-2022
MEDIA 401Fall 2022Media Law and Ethics310-17-202212-09-2022
MEDIA 480Fall 2022Advanced Media: Applied Research310-17-202212-09-2022
OPWL 508Fall 2022Data Visualization110-31-202212-09-2022
PHIL 101Fall 2022Introduction to Philosophy310-17-202212-09-2022
PHIL 102Fall 2022Great Thinkers310-17-202212-09-2022
PR 301Fall 2022PR Campaign Strategies310-17-202212-09-2022
PR 351Fall 2022Media & Social Media Strategie310-17-202212-09-2022
PR 353Fall 2022Advanced PR Writing310-17-202212-09-2022
PR 480Fall 2022Advanced Public Relations: Applied Research310-17-202212-09-2022
PRO 302Fall 2022Preparing for the Profession110-17-202212-09-2022
PRO 303Fall 2022PR Campaign Strategies310-17-202212-09-2022
PRO 311Fall 2022Multimedia Storytelling310-17-202212-09-2022
PRO 321Fall 2022Applied Research Professionals310-17-202212-09-2022
PRO 322Fall 2022Media & Soc Media Strategies310-17-202212-09-2022
PRO 323Fall 2022Media Law310-17-202212-09-2022
PRO 332Fall 2022Writing for Professionals310-17-202212-09-2022
PRO 499Fall 2022Capstone310-17-202212-09-2022
PSYC 309Fall 2022Child Development310-17-202212-09-2022
PSYC 351Fall 2022Personality310-17-202212-09-2022
PUBADM 466Fall 2022Navigate Ethical Challenges110-31-202212-09-2022
PUBADM 566Fall 2022Navigate Ethical Challenges110-31-202212-09-2022
PUBH 240Fall 2022Foundations of HEP310-17-202212-09-2022
PUBH 310Fall 2022Evidence-Based Public Health310-17-202212-09-2022
PUBH 365Fall 2022Quality Improve & Perf Mgmt310-17-202212-09-2022
PUBH 382Fall 2022Research Methods in Health310-17-202212-09-2022
PUBH 419Fall 2022Public Health Communications310-17-202212-09-2022
PUBH 455Fall 2022Public Health Project210-17-202212-09-2022
PUBH 480Fall 2022Epidemiology310-17-202212-09-2022
PUBH 488Fall 2022Student Outcomes Assessment010-17-202212-09-2022
SCM 301Fall 2022Prin of Supply Chain Mgmt310-17-202212-09-2022
SIC 480Fall 2022Adv Sport, Info, & Culture: Applied Research310-17-202212-09-2022
UF 100Fall 2022Foundations/Intellectual Life: Purposes of College310-17-202212-09-2022
UF 200Fall 2022Found of Ethics & Diversity: EthDiv & Global Knowledge310-17-202212-09-2022
UF 200Fall 2022Found of Ethics & Diversity: EthDiv Beyond "Two Sides"310-17-202212-09-2022
UX 360Fall 2022Working in the UX Space110-17-202212-09-2022
UX 361Fall 2022Ethical User Research110-17-202212-09-2022
UX 362Fall 2022Asking and Listening110-17-202212-09-2022
UX 363Fall 2022Contextual Inquiry110-17-202212-09-2022
UX 364Fall 2022Design Thinking for Better UX110-17-202212-09-2022
UX 365Fall 2022Go Deeper with Theory110-17-202212-09-2022
UX 366Fall 2022Communicating User Research110-17-202212-09-2022
UX 367Fall 2022Just Enough Research110-17-202212-09-2022
UX 368Fall 2022Planning a Productive Capstone110-17-202212-09-2022
UX 469Fall 2022User Research Capstone310-17-202212-09-2022
UX-PRO 360Fall 2022Working in the UX Space110-17-202212-09-2022
UX-PRO 361Fall 2022Ethical User Research110-17-202212-09-2022
UX-PRO 362Fall 2022Asking and Listening110-17-202212-09-2022
UX-PRO 363Fall 2022Contextual Inquiry110-17-202212-09-2022
UX-PRO 364Fall 2022Design Thinking for Better UX110-17-202212-09-2022
UX-PRO 365Fall 2022Go Deeper with Theory110-17-202212-09-2022
UX-PRO 366Fall 2022Communicating User Research110-17-202212-09-2022
UX-PRO 367Fall 2022Just Enough Research110-17-202212-09-2022
UX-PRO 368Fall 2022Planning a Productive Capstone110-17-202212-09-2022
UX-PRO 469Fall 2022User Research Capstone310-17-202212-09-2022

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