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Spring Online 2021 Course List

Spring Online 2021 Course List

NOTE: This course list was updated on October 8, 2020. Additional course information is found on myBoiseState. For details on how to search for online courses see myBoiseState Class Search.
See Online University Foundations to review online options available. Students taking VESi courses are also advised to read a VESi overview before enrolling.

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Spring 2021ACAD 101Academic Success Topics First Year Student Success23/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACAD 107Preparing for Online Learning11/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021ACAD 109Major Exploration21/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021ACCT 205Intro to Financial Accounting31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACCT 206Intro to Managerial Account31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACCT 290Foundations of Accounting31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACCT 302Federal Income Taxation31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACCT 304Intermediate Accounting I31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACCT 306Intermediate Accounting II31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACCT 314Cost Accounting31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACCT 350Accounting Information Systems31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACCT 405Financial Statement Auditing31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACCT 410Advanced Accounting31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACCT 500F of Financial Reporting I31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ACCT 518Intl Financial Reporting31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ADST 109Drugs: Use & Abuse31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ADST 255Intro to Field of Addictions31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ADST 258Blood Borne Pathogens13/29/214/30/21
Spring 2021AE 201Entrepreneurship & Innovation31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ANTH 102Cultural Anthropology31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ANTH 103Introduction to Archaeology31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ANTH 104Biological Anthropology31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ANTH 104LBiological Anthropology Lab11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ANTH 105Evolution & Human Behavior31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ANTH 294Conference or Workshop Conflict, Violence & Warfare13/1/213/21/21
Spring 2021ANTH 294Conference or Workshop Navigating Globalization13/1/213/21/21
Spring 2021ANTH 306Kinship & Social Organization31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ANTH 314Environmental Anthropology31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ANTH 494Conference or Workshop Conflict, Violence and Warfare13/1/213/21/21
Spring 2021ANTH 541Ethnography for UX Research31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ART 100Introduction to Art31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ARTHIST 102Survey of Western Art II31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ARTHIST 355Italian Renaissance Art31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ASL 102American Sign Language II41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BAS 305Intro to the Applied Sciences11/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021BAS 425Creating a Culture of Safety31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BAS 492Proposal for Capstone Project11/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021BAS 495Capstone Project23/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021BIOL 100Concepts of Biology41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BIOL 227Human Anatomy & Physiology I41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BIOL 228Human Anatomy & Physiology II41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BOSNIAN 101Elementary Bosnian I41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BRNCOFIT 125Walking for Fitness11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BRNCOFIT 164Online Personal Fitness & Goal11/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021BRNCOFIT 169Couch to 10K11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BRNCOFIT 197Special Topics Home Bodyweight Fitness11/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021BUS 101Business for New Generation31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUS 202The Legal Environ of Business31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUS 301Leadership Skills31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUS 305Law for Accountants31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUS 410Advanced Management Topics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUS 450Business Policies31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUSBTC 301Business Foundations I31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUSBTC 302Business Foundations II31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUSBTC 310Creating Value with People31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUSBTC 320Creating Value for Customers31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUSBTC 330Creating Value Investment31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUSBTC 410Business Planning Applications31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUSCOM 201Global Business Communication31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUSSTAT 207Intro to Business Analytics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021BUSSTAT 208Business Analytics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CHEM 100Concepts of Chemistry41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CHEM 101Introduction to Chemistry31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CHEM 101LIntro to Chemistry Laboratory11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CHEM 111General Chemistry I31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CHEM 111LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CHEM 350Fundamentals of Biochemistry31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CHEM 433Biochemistry II31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 101Intro to Criminal Justice31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 202Introduction to Police31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 203Intro to Courts and Sentencing31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 204Introduction to Corrections31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 302Organized Crime31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 304Victimology and Victimization31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 315Theories of Crime31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 317Juvenile Justice31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 321Criminal Law31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 331Corrections in the Community31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 425Research Methods31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 426Statistics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 497Special Topics Inequality, Crime, and Justice31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CJ 498Senior Seminar Race and Gender in CJ31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021COID 210Applied Personal Finance21/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021COID 330Creative Concepting31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COID 331Growth Hacking31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COID 332Analytics for Design33/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021COID 333Emerging Technology33/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021COMM 101Fundamentals of Oral Comm31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COMM 112Reasoned Discourse31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COMM 160Communication and Culture31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021COMM 231Public Speaking33/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021COMM 321Rhetorical Theories31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021COMM 361Organizational Communication31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021COMM 481Studies in Interpersonal Comm31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021COMM 488Studies in Comm & Culture Family Communication31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021COMM 498Communication Seminar31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CONFLICT 390Conflict Management31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021CONFLICT 405Culture and Conflict31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CONFLICT 515Culture and Conflict11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021COUN 294Conference or Workshop Happiness21/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COUN 494Conference or Workshop Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Information21/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COUN 494Conference or Workshop Building Social Confidence23/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021COUN 494Conference or Workshop Child Abuse: Working w/Abused & Neglected Children21/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COUN 494Conference or Workshop Drugs/Alcohol in Schools: Understanding Substance Use & Abuse21/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COUN 494Conference or Workshop Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation In Sch21/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COUN 494Conference or Workshop Infant & Toddler Mental Health21/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COUN 494Conference or Workshop Traumatized Child: Effects of Stress/Trauma on Learning21/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COUN 494Conference or Workshop Understanding Aggression: Coping w/Aggressive Behavior in the Classroom21/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COUN 494Conference or Workshop Violence in Schools: Identify/Prevention/Intervent21/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021COUN 594Workshop Building Social Confidence23/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021CPS 100Cyber & Physical Sec Awareness31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CPS 200Internet of Things: Devices31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CPS 300Hands-On Sec: Home to Office31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021CPS 301Info Assurance & Crit Thinking31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021CPS 401Defensive Security33/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021CPS 402Offensive Security33/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021CPS 403Recovery and Forensics31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021CPS 412Essentials for IT Cyber security33/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECE 212LCircuit Analysis & Design Lab11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECE 230Digital Systems31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECE 230LDigital Systems Lab11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECE 350LSignals & Systems Lab11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECE 420Adv Device Design & Simulation31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECE 451Communication Systems31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECE 497Special Topics Audio Signal Processing31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECE 520Adv Device Design & Simulation31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECE 551Communication Systems31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECE 597Special Topics Audio Signal Processing31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECON 201Principles of Macroeconomics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021ECON 303Intermediate Microeconomics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECON 432Urban Economics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ECON 532Urban Economics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-CIFS 201Education, Schooling & Society31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-CIFS 320Foundations Gifted & Talented31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-CIFS 506Issues And Equity In Education31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-CIFS 510Intro Statistics Ed Research31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-CIFS 511Assessment & Evaluation31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-CIFS 520Foundations Gifted & Talented31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-CIFS 537Instruction: Theory And Design31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-CIFS 546Building Teacher Leaders31/11/215/7/21
Spring 2021ED-CIFS 692Capstone Course6-Jan1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 250Exceptionality in the Schools31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 255Educational & Assistive Tech31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 326Nat Environ, 0-3: ECE/ECSE31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 327EI/ECSE Assessment31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 328Intervention Methods: ECE/ECSE31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 329Behavior Support31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 332Language Arts: Disabilities31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 345Positive Behavior Intervention31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 350Tch Stdts Except Needs Sec Lev31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 361Place-Based and Outdoor Ed31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 362Fieldwork: Place-Based Ed31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 365Leadership and Advocacy31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 514ECSE Methods31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 515Early Intervention, Birth to T31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 518Intensive Behavior Support31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 521Principles in Early Childhood31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 541Secondary Transition31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 559Collaboration & Leadership31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 560Single-Case Research Design31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 570Mathematics for Special Educat31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 573Professional Practice III2-Jan1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 592Portfolio6-Jan1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-ESP 597Special Topics Leadership and Advocacy in Early Childhood31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 200Cultural Diversity in School31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 205Migration Studies in Education31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 346Children's Literature31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 502Methods of Teaching English31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 507Parental Involvement: Building21/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 509Field Experience/Bilingual3-Jan1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 510Field Experience/ESL3-Jan1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 531Adv Assessment of Learners31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 541Best Practices Lit Assessment31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 545Writing Processes: K-831/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 551Literacy Leadership31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 560Interp Research in Literacy33/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 672Capstone Proposal11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ED-LLC 692Capstone Course4-Jan1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 202Teaching & Learning31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 501Intro Educational Technology31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 502Creating Educational Websites31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 503Instructional Design31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 504Theoretical Found of Ed Tech31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 505Eval Educational Technologists31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 511Interactive Courseware Dev31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 522Online Teaching Adult Learners31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 523Advanced Online Teaching31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 524Field Exper in Online Teaching31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 535Digital Engagement for Learnin31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 538Maker Tech: Phys Comp Steam Ed31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 542Tech-Supp Proj Based Learning31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 543Social Network Learning31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 551Technical & Grant Writing31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 554Managing Tech Integration31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 565Adv Educational Game Design31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 582Selected Topics: Online Teach Online Teaching31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 592Portfolio31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021EDTECH 691Doctoral Comprehensive Exam11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGL 101Writing and Rhetoric I31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021ENGL 102Writing and Rhetoric II31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021ENGL 175Literature and Ideas31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGL 198Intro to English Studies11/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021ENGL 201Nonfiction Writing31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGL 204Creative Nonfiction: Genres31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGL 212Intro to Tech Comm31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGL 267Survey of British Lit I31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGL 275Methods of Literary Studies31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGL 278Survey of American Lit II31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGL 401Advanced Nonfiction Writing31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGL 498Capstone in Literary Studies31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGL 519Leadership of Writing Teams31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGR 100Energy for Society31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGR 100LEnergy for Society Lab11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENGR 207Tech Comm for Electr Engineers11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENTREP 320Entrepreneurial Skills31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENTREP 421Managing an Emerging Business31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ENVSTD 121Intro to Environmental Studies31/11/212/12/21
Spring 2021ENVSTD 200Environmental Methods32/16/213/19/21
Spring 2021ENVSTD 300Management and Analysis33/29/214/30/21
Spring 2021EOHS 230Intro to Environmental Health31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021EXPER 100Student Org Lead Exper11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021FILM 220Cinema History & Aesthetics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021FINAN 303Principles of Finance31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021FINAN 308Personal Financial Planning31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021FINAN 420Financial Markets Institutions31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021FINAN 430International Finance31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021FINAN 440Financial Modeling31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021FINAN 451Derivatives31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021GENDER 302Research Methods & Perspective31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021GENDER 480Seminar in Gender Studies Sociology of Aging31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021GENDER 480Seminar in Gender Studies Urban Sociology31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021GEOG 102Cultural Geography31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021GEOG 200The Global Neighborhood31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021GEOS 201Intro to Oceanography31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021HEP 240Health Education and Promotion31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HEP 440Health Ed & Promotion Program31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021HIIM 215Intro to Health Informatics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HIST 101World History I31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HIST 102World History II31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HIST 104Hist of West Civilization II31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HIST 112United States History II31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 101Medical Terminology31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 105Health Advocacy & Me31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 110Intro to Hlth Sci & Pub Hlth31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 207Nutrition31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 210Health Services Administration31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021HLTH 300Pathophysiology41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 310Evidence-Based Public Health31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 315Health Policy and Ethics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 355Human Health & Disease31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 360Health Care Finance31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 365Quality Improve & Perform Mgmt31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 382Research Methods in Health31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 397Special Topics Comp Health System in Non-English Speaking Country31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021HLTH 397Special Topics Public Hlth Emergency Response31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021HLTH 400Interprofessional Capstone11/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021HLTH 410Health & Aging31/11/213/19/21
Spring 2021HLTH 418Advanced Public Hlth Analysis31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021HLTH 420Strategic Planning & Proj Mgmt31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HLTH 460Determinants of Health31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021HLTH 480Epidemiology31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HONORS 390Crafting Pro Narratives13/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021HONORS 498Honors Seminar Senior Seminar13/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021HRM 305Human Resource Management31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021HUM 207Intro to Humanities31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ITM 105Spreadsheet Topics21/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021ITM 225Introduction to Programming31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ITM 305IT & Networking Essentials31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ITM 310Business Intelligence31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ITM 320Systems Planning and Analysis31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ITM 325Web Application Develop I31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ITM 435Project Management31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021JAPANESE 101Elementary Japanese I41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021KINES 201Cultural, Historical & Philo31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021KINES 220Intro to Athletic Injuries31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021KINES 427Athletic Therapy31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021KINES 497Special Topics Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021KOREAN 101Elementary Korean I41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021LEAD 325Foundations of Leadership31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021LEAD 326The Practice of Leadership31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021LEAD 490Capstone in Leadership31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021LEAD 495Leadership Experience11/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MAT 597Special Topics Research Methods in Athletic Training31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 103Math Transitions for Success31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021MATH 123Math in Modern Society31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 133Elementary Models w/ Functions31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 143College Algebra31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 144Precalculus II: Trig Functions21/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 149Precalculus: Functions for Bus31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 160Survey of Calculus41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 170Calculus I41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 175Calculus II41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 254Introduction to Statistics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 275Multivariable & Vector Calc41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 333Diff Equat w/ Matrix Theory41/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 360Engineering Statistics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 433Ordinary Differential Equation31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MATH 533Ordinary Differential Equation31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MDS 301Prior Learning Seminar13/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021MDS 305Intro to Multidisc Studies11/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021MDS 315Integrative Learning23/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021MDS 375Perspective Taking31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021MDS 385Asking Questions31/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021MDS 410Case Studies in Leadership31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MDS 420Globalization31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MDS 430Ethics31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MDS 440Project Management and Design31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MDS 450Teamwork and Innovation31/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MDS 492Proposal for Capstone Project11/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021MDS 495Capstone Project3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021MEDIA 201Introduction to Media1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MEDIA 300Media Writing1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MEDIA 300LMedia Writing Lab1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MEDIA 301Multimedia Storytelling1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021MEDIA 304Visual Communication1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MEDIA 401Media Law and Ethics3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021MKTG 301Principles of Marketing1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MKTG 307Consumer Behavior1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MKTG 315Marketing Insights1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MKTG 321Professional Selling1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MKTG 407Marketing Communication1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MKTG 430International Marketing1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MKTG 441Brand Management1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MKTG 460Digital Marketing1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MPH 598Seminar3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021MUS 576Hist & Philos of Music Ed1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021MUSI 100Introduction to Music1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021N-SIM 502Operations in Healthcare Sim1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021NONPROF 240Intro to Nonprofit Management1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021NONPROF 340Volunteer Mgmt & the Nonprofit1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021NONPROF 440Funding for Nonprofits1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021NURS 422Care Coordination & Resource1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021NURS 428Nursing Roles in Healthy Aging1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021NURS 430Care of Vulnerable Populations Palliative Care1/11/212/12/21
Spring 2021OPWL 506Survey Design & Data Analysis1/11/212/12/21
Spring 2021OPWL 507Interviews and Data Analysis2/16/213/19/21
Spring 2021OPWL 508Data Visualization3/29/214/30/21
Spring 2021OPWL 525E-Learn Content Design & LMS2/16/214/30/21
Spring 2021OPWL 529Needs Assessment1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021OPWL 530Evaluation1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021OPWL 535Principles of Adult Learning1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021OPWL 536Foundations of OPWL1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021OPWL 537Instructional Design1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021OPWL 551Storyboard & Scenario-based eL1/11/213/19/21
Spring 2021OPWL 560Workplace Performance1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021OPWL 577Change Management1/11/213/19/21
Spring 2021OPWL 586Selected Topics: Professional Ethics3/29/214/30/21
Spring 2021OPWL 592Portfolio1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PHIL 102Great Thinkers1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PHIL 103Introduction to Ethics1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021POLS 101American National Government1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021POLS 398Adv Political Science Methods1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PR 301PR Campaign Strategies3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021PRO 300Intro Public Relations1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PRO 301Technology for Professionals1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PRO 302Preparing for the Profession3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021PRO 303PR Campaign Strategies3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021PRO 304Public Relations Writing3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021PRO 311Multimedia Storytelling1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PRO 499Capstone3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PSYC 120Intro to Psychology Major1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PSYC 295Statistical Methods1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PSYC 301Abnormal Psychology1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PSYC 309Child Development1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PSYC 310Adolescent & Adult Development1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PSYC 321Research Methods1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PSYC 331The Psychology of Health1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PSYC 351Personality1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PSYC 405Advanced Statistical Methods1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PSYC 419Children & Families3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021PSYC 421Psychological Measurement1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PSYC 431Social Psychology1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PSYC 459Psychology & Law1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PUBADM 463Legislative Process1/11/212/12/21
Spring 2021PUBADM 465Manage Public Finances2/16/213/19/21
Spring 2021PUBADM 468Negotiate Risks3/29/214/30/21
Spring 2021PUBADM 500Admin in the Public Sector1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PUBADM 502Org Behavior & Management1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PUBADM 505Personnel Admin for Pub Servic1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021PUBADM 563Legislative Process1/11/212/12/21
Spring 2021PUBADM 565Manage Public Finances2/16/213/19/21
Spring 2021PUBADM 568Negotiate Risks3/29/214/30/21
Spring 2021PUBH 210Health Services Administration1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PUBH 240Foundations of HEP3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021PUBH 303Foundations of Public Health1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PUBH 310Evidence-Based Public Health1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PUBH 315Health Policy & Ethics3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021PUBH 318Public Health Analysis1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PUBH 355Human Health & Disease3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021PUBH 382Research Methods in Health3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021PUBH 397Special Topics Public Health’s Response to Emergencies1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PUBH 418Adv Public Health Analysis1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PUBH 440Health Ed & Promotion Program1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021PUBH 455Public Health Project3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021PUBH 480Epidemiology3/8/214/30/21
Spring 2021REFUGEE 407Refugee Resettlement1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SCM 301Prin of Supply Chain Mgmt1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SCM 366Supply Chain Analytics1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SCM 410Logistics1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SCM 435Project Management1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SOC 101Introduction to Sociology1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SOC 102Social Problems1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SOC 122Sociological Communication1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SOC 230Intro to Ethnic Studies1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SOC 310Elementary Social Statistics1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SOC 390Conflict Management1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021SOC 425Urban Sociology1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SOC 472Sociology of Aging1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SOCWRK 407Refugee Resettlement1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SOCWRK 414Trauma-Informed Child Welfare1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SOCWRK 497Special Topics Human Sexuality for Helpers1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SOCWRK 597Special Topics Human Sexuality for Helpers1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SPAN 101Elementary Spanish I1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SPS 200Problem Solving in Pub Service1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021SPS 240Data in Public Service1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021SPS 301Engagement and Empathy1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021SPS 502Quant Methods1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021STEM-ED 297Special Topics IDoTeach Service-Learning Lab1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021STEM-ED 497Special Topics IDoTeach Service-Learning Lab1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021THEA 101Introduction to Theatre1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021THEA 105Play Analysis1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021THEA 162Stage Make-Up1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021THEA 260Dev of Theatre II: Modern1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021UF 100Foundations/Intellectual Life Anthropology of Cooking1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021UF 100Foundations/Intellectual Life Cities of Tomorrow1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021UF 100Foundations/Intellectual Life Literary Things1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021UF 100Foundations/Intellectual Life Purposes of College1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021UF 100Foundations/Intellectual Life The Stories that Shape Us1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UF 200Found of Ethics & Diversity1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX 360Working in the UX Space1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX 361Ethical User Research1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX 362Asking and Listening1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX 363Contextual Inquiry1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX 364Design Thinking for Better UX1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX 365Go Deeper with Theory1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX 366Communicating User Research1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX 367Just Enough Research1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX 368Planning a Productive Capstone1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX 469User Research Capstone1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX-PRO 360Working in the UX Space1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX-PRO 361Ethical User Research1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX-PRO 362Asking and Listening1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX-PRO 363Contextual Inquiry1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX-PRO 364Design Thinking for Better UX1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX-PRO 365Go Deeper with Theory1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX-PRO 366Communicating User Research1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX-PRO 367Just Enough Research1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX-PRO 368Planning a Productive Capstone1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021UX-PRO 469User Research Capstone1/11/212/26/21
Spring 2021ZOOL 401Human Physiology1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ZOOL 411Human Physiology Laboratory1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ZOOL 501Human Physiology1/11/214/30/21
Spring 2021ZOOL 511Human Physiology Laboratory1/11/214/30/21

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