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Bachelor of Business Administration

Boise State’s new Online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management degree is designed for people like you: working adults who want to build on prior college and work experience. You’ll graduate with the skills to be an effective, ethical leader and manager. In fact, one student in a past Leadership and High Performing Teams class said, “It wasn’t just about transformational leadership, it was applicable for my whole life.” Are you ready to advance your career?





Degree Plan

Degree Plan



Business Management online students using a laptop.Digital Competence

Become comfortable with the digital tools of the future essential for virtual collaboration.

Business woman writing on glass with marker, seated man watchingInnovation

Employ creative thinking for innovative, effective solutions and new opportunities.

Boise state online students reviewing design materials.Design Thinking

Apply disruptive thinking strategies to the design of business models and organizations, as well as to the development of new products and services.

"It wasn't just about transformational leadership-it was applicable to my whole life." -Student, Leadership & High Performing Teams

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Boise State Online Management students can be found across the nation. Learn more on this interactive map, or visit the Google map.

Innovation and Change

As part of Boise State’s Online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management degree, professor Karen Nicholas, Ph.D., offers a Managing Innovation and Change course. “This course links academic theories and concepts directly to the workplace,” she says. “There are multiple opportunities provided within the course to locate, examine and test changes via innovations in the workplace and students’ working lives.”

Managing Innovation and Change is just one of the 17 relevant courses offered as part of the Online Management degree.

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