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Accountancy Licensure

Most graduates of Boise State’s Online Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) choose to pursue licensure as a CPA. All states, including Idaho, have a board that oversees the education requirements to sit for the CPA Exam and licensure rules.

State Accountancy Boards determine the requirements for CPA licensure, and it is important that you become familiar with the requirements for the state in which you intend to take the CPA exam and expect to become licensed and practice. Information regarding each state’s licensure process is available in a state-by-state breakdown of professional licensure disclosure. In Idaho, licensure is administered by the Idaho State Board of Accountancy.

Education requirements to sit for the CPA Exam vary by each state or jurisdiction’s Board of Accountancy. To obtain licensure as a CPA, all Boards of Accountancy require a minimum of 150 semester hours.

While the courses you take at Boise State University will count toward the educational requirements, your full eligibility may depend upon additional coursework that you completed in your undergraduate degree. Boise State University’s accounting degrees are designed to meet the CPA licensing requirements for the state of Idaho, and they also fulfill all educational requirements for a number of other states.

However, due to the variability across states, Boise State University cannot guarantee that our Online MSA program will fulfill all requirements for the state in which you plan to practice. It is your responsibility to seek guidance from the applicable state accountancy board to understand your individual licensure requirements.

Take Note

State requirements for CPA licensure vary. Know your state’s requirements.

Our graduates pass the CPA exam at higher rates than the national average.

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