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Online Bachelor in Project Management Classes and Scheduling

The online project management degree is offered online only, with no in-person courses or requirements. Classes run for seven weeks and you can complete the degree asynchronously, with no live class sessions required.


Online Bachelor in Project Management Degree Plan

The online project management degree table shows the requirements for your degree. The University Foundations general education courses are required for all bachelor degrees at Boise State. These may be met through transfer coursework or will be incorporated into your program of study.

If you are not planning to transfer credits, the Online Degree Pathway or an associate degree from Boise State Online can help you get started.

Online Project Management Degree Requirements

Course NumberTitleCredits
Upper Division Requirements24
Take at least one of the following:
PROJMGT 300Project Management Fundamentals3
SCM 435Project Management3
IPS 440Project Management and Design3
COID 264Project Management I: Start, Plan, Run3
Take the following:
PROJMGT 301Project Management Documentation3
Take at least one of the following:
PROJMGT 350Project Management Specialization3
PUBH 420Strategic Planning and Project Management3
PRO 401Project Management3
Take at least 12 credits from the following:
PROJMGT 493Internship1-12
Take the following:
PROJMGT 499Project Management Capstone (FF)3
Upper-division credits from electives or one or more emphasis areas. Emphasis area(s) must be approved by your advisor.16-18
Additional elective courses43
University Foundations courses and electives37
Total semester credits earned/needed for a bachelor's degree from Boise State 120

University Foundations Courses

These University Foundations courses may be met through transfer coursework, or they may be incorporated into your program of study at Boise State. They are required in order to earn your bachelor’s degree.

Course NumberTitleCredits
ENGL 101Writing and Rhetoric I3
ENGL 102Writing and Rhetoric II3
UF 100Foundations of Intellectual Life3
UF 200Foundations of Ethics and Diversity3
FC*Foundations of Oral Communication3
FM*Mathematics course3-4
FN*Natural, Physical and Applied Sciences course with lab4
FN*Natural, Physical and Applied Sciences course in a second field3-4
FA*Arts course3
FH*Humanities course3-4
FS*Social Sciences course3
FS*Social Sciences course in a second field3
*Foundation Discipline (FD) courses are part of the Boise State University Foundations program. For more details and a list of available courses, see Online University Foundations Courses.

Course Descriptions

PROJMGT 300 Project Management Fundamentals

Provides foundational knowledge necessary to join a project team and serves as the first step on your path to a project management career. The course introduces you to the importance of projects, the language of project management and builds your confidence to work in project environments.

SCM 435 Project Management

Fundamental project management concepts and tools are introduced, including project planning and scheduling, PERT/CPM, project tracking and control risk assessment and resource utilization.

IPS 440 Project Management and Design

Develops a foundation of concepts that support the project management process groups required for successful implementation and completion of a project. Principles and applied techniques of effective planning, communication, risk, schedule and cost management are major themes discussed in this course.

COID 264 Project Management I: Start, Plan, Run

Learn foundational project management terminology and gain a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities of a project manager. Create effective project documentation and artifacts throughout the various phases of a project. Develop an immersive understanding of the practices and processes used by project managers to lead, plan and implement critical projects to help their organizations succeed.

PROJMGT 301 Project Management Documentation

Develops competency in the use of project management software, project scoping and planning, meeting processes, presentation of ideas and overseeing processes for project completion. Experience in project management documentation and preparation of materials for the certification test.

PROJMGT 350 Project Management Specialization

Builds upon foundational knowledge and documentation skills including advanced capabilities and specialization on agile management, risk management, scheduling, data analysis and leadership in project management. This course prepares you to specialize in a knowledge and skill area within project management.

PUBH 420 Strategic Planning and Project Management

Terminology, concepts, and forms used in both strategic planning and project management. Focuses on the similarities and differences between strategic planning (short and long-term planning) and project planning (specific business activity that has a beginning and end).

PRO 401 Project Management

Project management methods, processes and software. Students apply project management knowledge and skills to develop a Project Management Plan.

PROJMGT 451 Project Management Practicum

Professionally-oriented opportunity to function as a project coordinator and to develop project management knowledge, skills, and abilities. Typically, class is taken in advance of internship when a student operated as a project manager. May be repeated three times for credit.

PROJMGT 493 Internship

Internship credits are earned in supervised fieldwork specifically related to a student’s major. To enroll in courses numbered 293 or 493, a student must have attained a cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 or higher. No more than 12 credits of internship and/or Work U may be applied towards graduation requirements.

PROJMGT 499 Project Management Capstone

Students apply their knowledge and skills in project management, research the project management industry as it aligns with their career goals and develop and present their professional portfolio.

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