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Laboratory Safety

University laboratories offer a wide range of pursuits as well as safety concerns.  Each laboratory has its own unique hazards which may include electrical, fire, chemical, biological and radiological sources among others.  Therefore it is important each lab worker or student be familiar with the hazards, protective measures, and safe work practices for their work as well as the other activities happening around them.

Laboratory Safety Resources

Fume Hood Certification

EHSS certifies all University fume hoods on an annual basis to ensure each has an adequate face velocity and is functioning properly.  Certification stickers on the hood indicate the date of certification, the hoods average face velocity, and an arrow indicating the sash’s position during certification.  Additional information and work practices may be found in the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Laboratory Safety Assessments

Environmental Health and Safety conducts laboratory safety assessments of academic and research laboratories on an annual basis. It is a tool used to help Boise State and its laboratories maintain compliance – both with regulatory requirements and Boise State policies and programs.