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Not sure what type of request you need to submit? Try our interactive form to help determine which request you need, or contact us and we will help get you to the right place.

Maintenance Request

A maintenance request, also known as a work order, can be made for all services and repairs, as well as any moves needed on campus.

For those needing additional assistance, please contact (208) 426-1409 or

Make a Maintenance Request

Planning, Design or Construction Request

The Planning, Design or Construction Request is intended for projects that:

  • Physically modify existing space or facilities
  • Study changes and/or needs for campus facilities
  • Add fixed furniture or equipment
  • Seek new, additional or re-assigned space

Planning, Design or Construction Request will be assessed by Campus Planning and Facilities to determine the type of project. Please note, if the project will cost more than $50,000 to complete, or if funding is required, it will be processed as a Capital Project Need Request (CPNR) in accordance with University Policy #9170.
For any questions prior to submitting, please contact us.

Make Planning, Design or Construction Request

Facility Request

A facility requisition is used to request access to a building/space outside of normal use to ensure key access, security and facilities will support the event.

Make a Facility Request

Interior Design Request

All interior design requests should be made through a formal request to be used for purely decorative changes and have no structural changes involved. All large or structural requests need to be submitted through a Capital Project Needs Request.

Submit an Interior Design Request

Key Request

A key request can be made when a new key is needed, a lost or stolen key needs to be replaced, or a key needs to be returned. Any key holder has a privilege of holding a key, not a required right. Control of keys is to ensure security and safety throughout the university per University Policy #9080. Key fees may be charged for any request other than a new building.

Fee rates include:

  • $30 flat labor rate
  • $15 per building/door key
  • $5 per furniture/misc. key

*Note: All key requests require a department head, department chair or dean’s personal signature.

Download a key request form (Word Doc)
Download a contractor key request form (Word Doc)
Download a key transfer form (Word Doc)

Salvage Request

A salvage request is for critical items, surplus property or displaced items that need to be stored. Items are stored at the Gage Warehouse.

Make a Salvage Request

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