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Laser Safety

The Laser Safety Program is administered by EHS and overseen by the Laser Safety Officer. The Laser Safety Officer recommends that individuals using lasers set up and operate laser facilities to meet the laser safety guidelines established by the American National Standards Institute standard ANSI Z136.1-2007, American National Standard for the Safe Use of Lasers. The Laser Safety Program applies to individuals who operate or work in proximity to Class 3 or Class 4 lasers.

Laser Safety Written Guidance

A Laser Safety Program exists for all users of Class 3 or 4 lasers in academia or research. The program is overseen by the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) and no committee currently exists. As the program grows, a committee may be established to assist the LSO in ensuring all aspects of the program are implemented in a safe and compliant manner. Written laser-specific Standard Operating Procedures are required by the ANSI standard and should have one copy kept with the laser equipment and one on file with the LSO in the EHS office.

Laser Safety Resources