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Program evaluation and statistical data analysis

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Program Evaluation and Statistical Data Analysis Information

Dr. Chyung provides consulting services to organizations. Her projects involve conducting data analysis and program evaluations for organizations. When possible, she invites OPWL students as interns/WORC researchers (1-2 credits), and WORC researchers to get involved in her consulting projects.

To analyze quantitative data, she uses SPSS to perform various statistical analyses including crosstab, correlation, t-test, factor analysis, and reliability analysis.

Recent Projects

Dr. Chyung’s recent projects include:

Evaluation of Strengthening Families with five protective factors (Boise, Idaho)

Factor analysis and reliability testing on Wirtgen America’s post-training survey data (Antioch, Tennessee)

Powerful Tools for Caregivers: Data Analysis of Pre, End-of-Class, and Post Surveys from 2011-2017 (Boise, Idaho)

The Nampa Family Justice Center’s Counseling Services Provided to Children: An Analysis of Data between January 2009 and November 2017 (Nampa, Idaho)