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Math Placement

It is important to begin in the right math class.  Being successful in your first math course is beneficial to your college experience. At the same time, beginning in the class that is challenging for you will provide the most useful college experience and potentially save you time and money on your way to graduation. Thus, Boise State University works to find the best possible placement for your success.

Some degrees will have multiple math courses required, but every degree will have one Foundations of Mathematics (FM) to complete. Scores from the math portions of the ACT® or SAT® tests are used to determine placement. Your highest score will be used. Find the math required for your program by checking your degree requirement table.

The Right Math Class is an online First-Year Math course assessment tool that integrates various points of data to create a personalized course placement for each student. It integrates and analyzes each student’s standardized test scores (if applicable), math course history (including college level math), and preparedness for each course.

While ACT and SAT are not required for admissions, they are used for placement. If you have taken one of these it is in your best interest to send your official scores to Boise State for math placement purposes. All students are to complete The Right Math Class to determine if Accuplacer is in your best interest.

Do I need to take Accuplacer?

The goal of this video is to assist you in understanding your current math placement and to provide a general understanding of how to learn the math requirements for your major. This video is available with captions and a transcript.

Math Placement Table

The table below shows the minimum score needed to be placed in a math course.  Your highest score is used for placement.

Category:ACT® (Math Portion):SAT® (Math Portion):ACCUPLACER®:COURSE PLACEMENT:
1No placement requiredNo placement requiredNo placement requiredMath 103
218430244 (QAS)
MATH 123, 133, 153
323540256 (QAS)MATH 143, 149, 157, 254
427620254 (AAF)MATH 144, 160
529+650+268 (AAF)MATH 170
Your placement on this chart shows the minimum score you need to place into a category and which math courses you can enroll in. For example: If you received a score of 21 on the math portion of your ACT, you would be placed into Category 2 for math and would be eligible to enroll in MATH 123, 133, or 153. The most appropriate choice between multiple eligible courses is dependent on major.

Do I need to take the Accuplacer?

Based on the results of The Right Math Class, you may be advised to take the Accuplacer.

  • The Accuplacer is NOT recommended: If you placed directly into the category that allows you to enroll in the FM required for your major or are bringing over credit for prior learning that satisfies this requirement.
  • The Accuplacer IS recommended: If you placed into a category different from the one needed for your major’s FM and you believe you can place closer to your required FM category.  To see the pathway between your placed category and your major’s FM, check out the Math Path.

If you decide to take the Accuplacer for Math Placement

  • Please make arrangements to complete this exam prior to your week of orientation. Having these scores ahead of time will be most beneficial to you and your advisor for course registration.
  • If you are local to the Boise area, we highly encourage you to schedule in-person placement testing.
  • Exams are completed via a proctored in person, on campus option, or Zoom meeting
  • Cost for the Accuplacer is waived by the Advising and Academic Support Center for your first attempt.
        • If you are planning to take the Accuplacer virtually or in-person before your orientation, email Proctoring and Certification Services (PACS) at to schedule. Include your name, student ID number, major, and orientation program date.
        • If you are planning to take the Accuplacer during your orientation, let PACS know that you are a new incoming student and attending New Student Orientation.