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Physics Courses

Department of Physics
College of Arts and Sciences

Multipurpose Classroom Facility, Room MP 420
(208) 426-3775 (phone)
(208) 426-4330 (fax) (email) (website)

Chair and Professor: C. B. Hanna. Professors: Kim, Tenne. Associate Professors: Fologea, Jackson, Macomb. Assistant Professors: Ferguson, Goulko, Simmonds. Lecturers: Brennan, Sup, Watkins, Youngworth. Lab Instructor: Webb.

Degrees Offered

    • Bachelor of Science in Physics, optional emphases:
      • Applied Physics Emphasis
      • Astrophysics Emphasis
      • Biophysics Emphasis
      • Secondary Education Emphasis
    • Minor in Physical Science Teaching Endorsement
    • Minor in Physics
    • Minor in Physics Teaching Endorsement

Department Statement

Physics is the study of matter, motion, force, and energy – from the very small (quarks) to the very large (the universe), and every length scale in between, including the rich variety of phenomena we encounter in everyday life. Physics draws from and inspires developments in mathematics, and underlies the modern understanding (the “why”) of astronomy, chemistry, geophysics, engineering, and technology. During their studies, physics majors at Boise State University also have opportunities to do physics, by engaging in physics or astronomy research projects with faculty in the areas of nanoscience, biophysics, condensed-matter physics, computational physics and astronomy. In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of how the world works, physics majors develop skills of observation, analysis, model-building, and problem-solving that lead to success in a broad variety of careers in industry, government, law, education, and the professions, such as law and medicine.

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Physics at Boise State University is built around a core of physics, science, mathematics, and humanities courses that provide students with a broad and balanced foundation for additional coursework in advanced or applied physics, or for interdisciplinary emphasis areas. The following optional emphases are offered for the B.S. Physics degree: Applied Physics (nanomaterials), Biophysics (molecular and cellular), and Secondary Education (teaching).

For more degree requirement information, see the Boise State University Catalog.

For degree emphasis, see the Boise State University Registrars Page.