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Physics Advising

Tiffany Watkins, Department Main Advisor



Department Main Advisor
Tiffany Watkins
Office: MP-312E
Phone: (208) 426-372
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Any faculty can serve as your advisor and can be changed if you desire.

WHEN and WHY to meet with an advisor

Advising is required your 1st semester at Boise State. You will need to meet with your advisor before you can register for your second semester.

The general rule of thumb is to see you advisor to plan/track your steps towards graduation. Additionally, you can check in when you are confused/struggling/uncertain, and your advisor can help you explore options and connect to resources.

Suggested times you may need/want to meet with your advisor

  • During the 1st week of classes to discuss the following information
    • To identify semester goals
    • To identify any academic assistance you may need
    • To identify how present classes are satisfying the Foundational Studies requirement
    • To discuss participation in Finish in 4
    • To discuss clubs, organizations, or other ways to get involved outside the classroom in your major.
  • Prior to mid-term exams (especially during your first semester)
    • To discuss your academic progress to date
    • To identify any academic assistance you may need
  • After you receive your mid-term grades or grades on your 1st exams of the semester
    • To evaluate your satisfaction with the grades you received
    • To identify an additional academic assistance you may need to be successful the remainder of the semester.
  • To determine your plan for next semester (usually during week 6, 7 or 8 of the semester)
    • To determine your current semester progress
    • To identify courses which apply to major(s) or minor(s)
  • At the end of the Semester:
    • Discuss expectations of the semester (did it go the way you thought it would)
    • Reevaluate your personal and academic goals for the next semester.
    • Continue discussing participation in finish in 4.

Fall semester to identify potential summer REU or internship opportunities

Program Requirements

Permission Numbers

Obtain physics permission numbers