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Helpful Apps

Here is a list of helpful apps and links to get the school year started properly.


G Suite logoConfigure phone for Gmail and Google Workspace student app.Configure Phone for Gmail and Google Workspace
my Boise State logoDownload the Boise State Mobile app from your app store.
Blackboard Mobile LearnDownload the Canvas Student app from your app store.
Download the Teamworks app from your app store.
Google CalendarDownload the Google Calendar app from your app store.
eduroam Campus Wirelesseduroam campus wireless
eduRoam Campus Wireless
BroncoPrint Wireless printing on campus.Mac or PC Download

Helper HelperCommunity Service app.Helper Helper How-To doc
Download free Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus.Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Lens: A great app to capture information without writing it all out. Download from your app store.
Do your future password-forgetting self a favor...opt in!Enroll in Password Recovery Tool
Download Zoom for Boise State University students.Zoom for Boise State University students