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Helpful Apps

Here is a list of helpful apps and links to get the school year started properly.


G Suite logoConfigure phone for Gmail and Google Workspace student app.Configure Phone for Gmail and Google Workspace
my Boise State logoDownload the Boise State Mobile app from your app store.-
Blackboard Mobile LearnDownload the Canvas Student app from your app store.-
Teamworks logoDownload the Teamworks app from your app store.-
Google CalendarDownload the Google Calendar app from your app store.-
eduroam Campus Wirelesseduroam campus wireless
eduRoam Campus Wireless
bronco print logoBroncoPrint Wireless printing on campus.Mac or PC Download

Helper Helper logoCommunity Service app.Helper Helper How-To doc
Microsoft 365 logoDownload free Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus.Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Lens logoMicrosoft Lens: A great app to capture information without writing it all out. Download from your app store.-
Password recovery logo Do your future password-forgetting self a favor...opt in!Enroll in Password Recovery Tool
Zoom logoDownload Zoom for Boise State University students.Zoom for Boise State University students