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Bronco Print

About Bronco Print

Students, faculty, and staff can print using Bronco Print from university lab computers as well as personal laptops and mobile devices using the eduroam wireless access.

All undergraduate and graduate students registered for academic credit (without fee waivers) receive a printing balance of $15 per semester.

How to Use Bronco Print

Print from any public campus computer or review the Print Wirelessly section on this page for instructions on how to configure your laptop to wirelessly print.

When using Bronco Print from your laptop, enter your Boise State username and a document title or description. The system will display the number of pages to be printed, the cost per page for the selected printer, and the total cost for the print job.

To release your print job from a Bronco Print station, swipe your Boise State student ID card or use your Boise State username and password at the printer.

The screen will display the print job(s) to be printed and your remaining balance.

Print Wirelessly from Your Laptop or Mobile Device

Users must be logged into the eduroam wireless network with their Boise State username & password.

Choose your operating system and view wireless printing instructions from the following links.

Install Bronco Print for Android

Instructions and Download Links

Install Bronco Print for Chrome OS

View Instructions

Install Bronco Print for iPhone or iPad

View Instructions

Install Bronco Print for Mac

View Instructions

Install Bronco Print for Windows

Instructions and Download Links

Frequently Asked Questions

Bronco Card Print Funds

How do I add additional print funds to my Bronco Card?

You can check your Bronco Print balance on your Bronco Card through myBoiseState.

Sign in to myBoiseState and select Student or Student View. Select the My Account tab and select Add Funds. You may add money to your card through myBoiseState ($5.00 minimum) using a credit or debit card.

How much does it cost to print?

Black & White:

  • Simplex (single sided): $0.08 to print B&W on a single side of paper
  • Duplex (double sided): $0.14 to print B&W on both sides of paper ($0.07 per single side when printing both sides)


  • Simplex (single sided): $0.18 to print color on a single side of paper
  • Duplex (double sided): $0.32 to print color on both sides of paper

Can I get a refund for my unused print funds at the end of the semester?

While your free printing quota is represented in the Bronco Print system as a monetary value, it really represents a maximum service level of printing resources.

The quota was calculated based upon average printing usage, which takes into account that some students print more and some print less.

Consequently, no refunds will be given for unused printing quota at the end of a semester, nor will the unused portion of a quota be forwarded to a future semester.

What if I lose my Bronco Card?

If you don’t have your card, you can print and release jobs by entering your Boise State username and password at the release station.

Using Bronco Print

How do I select black and white or color printing?

To print in black and white, select the printer named BroncoPrint_BW.

To print in color, select the printer named BroncoPrint_Color.

Black and white and color print jobs can be released at any Bronco Print printer.

What about large format or 3D printing?

A large format plotter printer and 3D printer are available for use in the Albertsons Library MakerLab.

Are my print jobs private?

You must swipe your ID card at the Print Release Station or enter your username and password to see the print jobs you sent to the system.

You will not be able to see the jobs of other users, nor will you be able to print the jobs of other users.

Who can use Bronco Print?

Students who are currently registered for the current semester with at least one academic credit may use the Bronco Print system.

Students who meet this criteria will be given a quota of free printing. Students who do not meet this criteria are not eligible to use Bronco Print and will not be given a free quota of printing. (The only exception to this is for patrons of Albertsons Library where the general public is welcome.)

Bronco Print Locations

Where can I use Bronco Print?

Below is a list of all Bronco Print locations on campus.

Albertsons LibraryFloor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3
Bronco Gymnasium ‐ Department of KinesiologyFloor 1
Boulder HallFloor 1
Boise State DowntownFloor 1
City Center PlazaFloor 2
Chaffee HallFloor 1
Communication BuildingFloor 2
Center for Visual ArtsFloor 1
Clearwater SuitesFloor 1
Education BuildingFloor 1 and Floor 3
Environmental Research BuildingFloor 1 and Floor 2
Health Sciences ‐ RiversideFloor 1 and Floor 2
Interactive Teaching & Learning CenterFloor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3
John B. Barnes TowersFloor 1
John H. Keiser HallFloor 1
Liberal Arts BuildingFloor 2
Micron Business and Economics BuildingFloor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3
Micron Center for Materials ResearchFloor 1
Morrison Ctr for the Performing ArtsFloor 3
Multi‐Purpose Classroom BuildingFloor 1 and Floor 4
Norco Building, University Health ServicesFloor 1
Pioneer HallFloor 1
Riverfront HallFloor 1 and Floor 3
Charles P Ruch Engineering BuildingFloor 2
Sawtooth HallFloor 1
Simplot Micron Advising and Success HubFloor 1
Albertsons StadiumFloor 1
Student Union BuildingFloor 1 - The Zone and Floor 2
Lincoln Townhouses ‐ Tamarack HouseFloor 1
University Village Apartments ‐ FFloor 1

Need Assistance?

For more information, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357,, chat, or Help Desk Self Service.

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