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February Alumni Spotlight Casey Denton MD

dr casey dentonDr. Casey C. Denton MD, University of Washington Medical School Graduate Internal Medicine and Boise State Alumni

Dr. Casey Denton describes himself as empathetic, energetic, and caring. 

Dr. Casey Denton is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Spokane, Washington. He graduated with honors from the University Of Washington School Of Medicine in 2016. Before attending the University of Washington program as an Idaho WWAMI student, he was a Boise State University graduate of the Health Science Studies degree. He has always excelled in his studies and was even awarded the Venning Pre-Medical Scholarship two years in a row during his time here. Coming from a proud and humble upbringing, he spent his youth in Athol, ID.  At Boise State University, he shared his experiences as a transfer student from a northern Idaho community college and rural community background. His relatable and friendly personality allowed him to become a peer advisor in the College of Health Sciences and the president of the Pre-Medical Club. Even today, he shares a strong passion for scientific inquiry and educating those interested in the pursuit of medicine.  Casey enjoyed many various activities outside the classroom, such as being the last undergraduate research student at what is now the St. Luke’s Cancer Institute and playing intramural sports.

What do you think was the most important experience you had at Boise State?

Meeting so many different teachers and advisors made me feel that my aspirations were obtainable and that academically I had something to offer that was very important to me. As a first-generation college student, and then adding consideration of pursuing medicine I often battled feeling like an imposter. The time and care that others gave me, has resulted in the person I am today. 

What are your three most meaningful extracurriculars (now and during your education)?

Currently: 1. Being a dad to my 3 beautiful children and spending time with my loving wife/best friend. 2. Spending time in my local community as part of my church family up here in North Idaho, being Jesus’s hands and feet. 3. As a sports addict anytime I get to play sports or watch Boise State, Gonzaga, or the Green Bay Packers I greatly enjoy it and for me, it brings me joy and health! 

Undergrad: 1. Being a member, and then president of the pre-med club resulted in many leadership and volunteer opportunities which I greatly enjoyed. 2. Intramural sports!! Oh, how I miss that! 3. Loved being a Bronco! I have such great memories of staff, faculty, and fellow students. 

What resources did you use at Boise State to prepare you for your medical career?

I relied on my pre-health advisor probably more than most. I ended up adopting her (whether she liked it or not) as my Boise mom. She listened to my concerns and told me honestly where I could do better and where I was overthinking it. I was also involved in the pre-med club and that allowed me to also pick the brains of my much smarter fellow students on a routine basis. 

Do you think Boise State prepared you for your professional school career?

For sure. As in many things in life, you get out what you put in. The quality of effort you put into your classes often results in the quality of understanding and knowledge of a subject. Boise State for sure gave me what I needed and the tools to succeed at the next level. 

What would you tell yourself now knowing what you know now about applying to medical school?

Be yourself, you have something unique to offer. Don’t lose sight of that by trying to fit into a specific program or school. 

What do you wish you would have known before becoming a medical student?

Play more intramural sports!! But for real, don’t get to your post-professional school and stop doing the things you enjoy. Be ok with not being the smartest person in class anymore. Be ok with not acing every test. Be confident in the face of discouragement. There will be days that are hard and quite frankly stink, but remember why you are doing it. Remember the patients, family members, and friends that touched a bit of your soul and how it felt to meet someone at rock bottom and help them through that. 

What is it like being a physician during a pandemic?

As an attending physician, it has been a little crazy…

Would you like to learn more from Dr. Casey C. Denton, please email Erin Colburn for his contact information.