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March Alumni Spotlight Kathlene (Lee) Bailey PharmD

kathlene bailey pharmd

Dr. Kathlene (Lee) Bailey, Idaho State University College of Pharmacy and Boise State Graduate Alumni

Kathlene describes herself as disciplined, relational, and a lifelong learner.

Kathlene Bailey graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies, emphasizing General Health and a minor in Psychology. She was an Honors College graduate with cum laude designation. She served in multiple leadership roles, such as an Honors and College of Health Sciences peer advisor during her time at Boise State. Her hometown of Mountain Home, Idaho, was where she was born and raised, commuting from her childhood home to Boise every day to gain her education. During her undergraduate, she took part in numerous opportunities, including interning and working part-time at the Veteran’s Hospital to gain pharmacy experience. Now a fully licensed pharmacist in Hayden, Idaho, she is joined by her husband and three kids serving the Post Falls, Idaho’s rural areas.

What is it like being a Pharmacy Student during a pandemic?

You have to be flexible and adapt, or you hit a wall. Make the most of the experiences you are given, even if it isn’t what you expected/desired.

What do you think was the most important experience you had at Boise State?

Professional and academic development WITH relational connection and development.

What resources did you use at Boise State to prepare you for your career in pharmacy?

My advisors, my peers, connection activities, and good old textbooks!

Do you think Boise State prepared you for your professional school career?

Yes, the resources are there for the one who recognizes and utilizes them.

What would you tell yourself now, knowing what you know now about applying to pharmacy school?

It’s not all about grades. It’s about how you connect, advocate, promote and invest in being a well-rounded person who communicates well with others. No matter how many times we tell people this, they always underestimate it. (And for the introverts – it’s not about how loud you are, it’s about how effective you are. Read “Quiet: Being an introvert in a world that can’t stop talking”)

What do you wish you would have known before becoming a student?

The subtle but important differences between undergrad and graduate school – especially when it comes to healthcare.

Would you like to learn more from Kathlene Bailey, please email Erin Colburn for her contact information.