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Acceptance Day Submission Form

Acceptance Day Celebration Form

Please see complete the following form to allow us to post your photos in our Acceptance Day Photo Gallery on the Pre-Health Professions website. We want to celebrate your amazing accomplishments including getting accepted into the next step in your careers as Pre-Health Students. Any Boise State student who wishes to share in the celebration of this grand achievement can post to their Instagram with the hashtag #BroncosGoPro and photo tag or mention the Boisestatehealthsciences Instagram account.

Basic Information For Gallery and Post

Boise State Email(Required)
Preferred Email(Required)
If you are a post Bacc Student please indicate what date you completed your Post Bacc work at Boise State.
Please indicate which social media handles you use for tagging purposes

Upload and Consent

We have created some GIF/Stickers on our current Giphy site if you would like to use them in addition to your photos
Max. file size: 10 MB.