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Dr. Ralph R. Jones MD FACS Pre-Medical Summer Research Fellowship

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Boise State University annually awards competitive research fellowships for Boise State students to collaborate with research scientists.  Fellowships at Boise State are awarded in a combined Employee/Educational Experience format. Fellows will also participate in some mandatory, non-compensatory educational opportunities. The recipient is expected to and should anticipate committing to typically a minimum of 40 hours per week for 10 weeks in the selected lab during the summer.

The pre-medical students selected for this fellowship award will receive a stipend for participating in a bench research setting and assisting with research activities. A student award of $6000.00 is offered to facilitate student involvement in collaborative research on topics of interest to the student and as preparation for a future medical school application. Fellows will complete timesheets for hours worked, which is subject to payroll withholding.

Participation in this hypothesis-based research experience will qualify the recipient to meet the specific research expectations at the University Of Utah School Of Medicine and other medical school applications. Such experience can assist all pre-med students in being more competitive. Additionally, students have the opportunity to work more closely with a faculty member whose relationship can support the student in medical school applications.

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