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Cassie Woodard, 2022 1st Place Critical Analysis

Submissions for the Critical Analysis category should critically evaluate or analyze a piece of literature, a theatrical performance, a work of visual art, a historical moment, a philosophical argument, a social movement, etc. Submissions should not exceed 20 pages. Cassandra Woodard wrote the 1st place submission in the Critical Analysis Category for the 2021 President’s Writing Awards.

About Cassie

Cassie Woodward, wearing a black v-neck and pale pink overshirt stands, behind a podium. She speaks into a mic.

Raised in Cupertino, California, Cassie Woodard moved to Idaho to major in Creative Writing at Boise State University. Outside of writing, she enjoys cooking and baking, though she is—by her own admission—not very good at either. She will graduate this Spring with her BFA, and return to Boise State in Fall 2022 to begin her MFA with a focus on fiction.

Winning Submission – The (F)utility of Fertility

(Per the author’s request, “The (F)utility of Fertility” is unavailable to access on this website).