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About Us

The Department of Psychological Science at Boise State University is committed to excellence in undergraduate education. When you join the Department of Psychological Science at Boise State University, you’ll work in collaboration with renowned faculty and your fellow classmates to explore psychological issues. You’ll find a diverse, dynamic, and personalized learning environment. You’ll learn how to see the world from a different perspective through research and scientific inquiry while building critical thinking skills. As you go throughout your undergraduate experience at Boise State, you will develop the knowledge, understanding, appreciation, discipline, and skills that will help you to reach your desired career path, whether that be graduate school in psychology or another field or a thriving career with a bachelor’s degree. 

As a department, we believe in and promote five core values:

Core Values


We support and mentor all of our students, faculty, and staff.

Data-informed decision making

As scientists, we rely on data to inform our decisions and practices.

Rigorous curriculum

We provide curricular and experiential learning that equip our students for lifetime success.

Diversity and inclusivity

We acknowledge and appreciate differences.

Culture of collaboration

We nurture a climate of teamwork based on transparency, respect, and shared leadership.