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Vaccination Services and Charges

The cost of COVID-19 and Flu vaccines may be covered by your insurance.

Please bring your insurance card to your appointment.

Should there be any charges associated with your COVID-19 vaccination not covered by your insurance you will be billed for the uncovered charges.

We currently offer a limited number of free Flu vaccines each fall.

What insurance is accepted at Public Health?

Public Health will bill most insurance carriers

We are in-network with several local and regional insurance plans and networks.

Please be aware; many Out of State insurance companies have geographic exclusions, which limit coverage for care performed out of state.

We strongly encourage you to check with your insurance carrier prior to your appointment to make sure Public Health is in-network with your plan.

How to find our if Public Health is in-network?

Contact your insurance: The customer service number should be located on the back on your insurance card.

Ask if the provider you are scheduled to see is in your network (Public Health uses Dr. Richard Radnovich as our Provider)

Reference Boise State University’s Tax ID: 820290701

Ask how your plan will pay for services rendered at Boise State Public Health and what your member responsibility may be

We strive to assist patients with navigating through insurance questions and concerns, but it is the patient’s responsibility to make sure the provider they are scheduled to see is in-network with their respective plans. Public Health is not responsible for your insurance processing charges Out of Network.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Here are the insurance plans currently accepted:

  • Blue Cross
  • Saint Alphonsus Health Alliance – Aetna, MODA
  • Cigna
  • St. Luke’s Health Partners – Select Health, First Choice Health, Mountain Health Co-Op
  • Tricare
  • United Healthcare
  • Regence
  • Medicaid
  • Pacific Source
  • Medicare

Not Insured

If you are not insured you can get the COVID-19 vaccine through the CDC’s Bridge Access Program which offers COVID-19 vaccines at select pharmacies at no cost for adults 18 years and older without health insurance and adults whose health insurance does not provide zero-cost coverage for COVID-19 vaccines.


If you have any questions or concerns about vaccination charges, please contact the Boise State Vaccination Clinic at or (208) 426-1523.

If you believe you have received a bill in error please contact our medical billers, EHRCentral, at (424) 254-0005.

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