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Reminder: planned power outage Dec. 21

Idaho Power has scheduled a planned power outage on Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2022 that will impact a large portion of campus and all personnel in affected buildings are asked to work from home on this date. The areas on campus affected by the outage are identified on the interactive campus map.

The campus community will be notified about the progress of the shutdown via Bronco Alert and should not plan to return to campus until notified that the situation has been resolved and systems are operational. It may take several hours after power is restored to get all buildings operating as normal. Those who find issues in their building upon returning should notify facilities by emailing a service request as soon as possible.

The Office of Information Technology strongly advises that computers, monitors, printers/copiers, conference room equipment and other electronic devices be powered off prior to the outage in order to minimize the risk of surge damage. Those with questions about powered technology devices in their areas can contact the Help Desk for assistance.

In the event equipment is damaged as a result of the power outage, a property loss report should be completed so the incident can be communicated to the Risk Management and Insurance Office.