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Climbing Policies

Welcome to the Boise State University Climbing Gym Policies and Procedures.


Climbing Gym Policies

  • All climbers must annually sign a waiver before climbing (beginning of each Fall semester).
  • All climbers will follow the directions of Campus Recreation Climbing Staff.
  • Climbing instruction is only available from the Campus Recreation Climbing Staff. Times for instruction are posted in the Climbing Gym or Classes and Clinics . Outside personal trainers or groups are not allowed to teach in the Climbing Gym.
  • All unroped climbers must stay below the boulder line and never top out on the boulder wall. Allow the right of way to other climbers who were first on a route on any given section of wall.
  • All climbers must always stand clear of climbers fall and swing zones.
  • All climbers should use a spotter when bouldering. Know your landing. Downclimbing is always recommended.
  • All climbers must place belongings in lockers or proper storage cubicles. Campus Recreation is not responsible for missing/lost or stolen items.
  • All climbers must use a chalk ball or chalk sock inside their chalk bag to minimize chalk dust.
  • All climbers must wear a shirt while climbing. No exceptions.
  • All climbers must wear closed-toe shoes while climbing. No bare feet.

Roped Wall Policies

  • All climbers must use audible climbing commands when climbing.
  • Roped climbing shall only occur during designated operating hours.
  • All climbers wanting to belay must pass a Belay Check for Core Skill Competency.
  • All climbers wanting to lead climb must pass a Lead Climb Check for Core Skill Competency.
  • Climbers will have two opportunities to pass the Belay and Lead Check. If they fail two times they must repay the $5 fee to take the test again.
  • Intro to Climbing and Belay classes as well as Lead Climbing clinics are given to students on designated times and dates throughout the academic year.
  • All equipment (harnesses, belay devices, carabiners) are supplied by the Climbing Gym on request and will be “checked out/in” only during Climbing Gym Roped Wall operating hours.
  • All climbers must use UIAA approved belay devices (specifically Tubular Belay Devices and/or Petzl GriGri), harness, and locking carabiner.
  • Lead Climbers must bring their own UIAA approved climbing rope.
  • All personal climbing equipment must be UIAA approved and in good working order. All personal gear is the responsibility of the user. The Climbing Gym Staff has the authority to ask you not to use gear not suited for the Climbing Gym.
  • Always do a safety check before climbing and make sure both your harness and knot for proper attachment, check your partners’ harness, carabiner and belay device for proper attachment.

Climbing Conduct

The following conduct is prohibited at the bouldering and climbing wall:

  • Verbal or physical harassment and/or the threat of abuse towards any participant, spectator or staff member.
  • Horseplay or unsafe use of the climbing wall or equipment.
  • Public indecency or obscenity.
  • Individual participating after the consumption or suspicion of consumption of alcohol/drugs.
  • Damage/destruction of facilities/equipment.

Any violation of Boise State University policies and procedures governing the conduct of students. Boise State University- Student Code of Conduct
Any violation of the rules and policies above may result in removal/suspension from Climbing Wall facilities or activities and may result in referral to University Police and the Office of Student Conduct.