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Rental Policies

Rental Policies

Refunds and Transfers

For rafts, kayaks, and/or canoes a 100% refund will be issued if the cancellation is made 7-days prior to the start of the contracted rental period. A transfer of fees can be made if cancellation is made 3-days prior to the start of the contracted rental period, though once it’s 2 days prior no transfer of fees will be made. This transfer can be used for future rentals in the Outdoor Rental Center and will remain on credit for one year from the contract start date.

For all other equipment, a 100% refund will be issued if the cancellation is made 1-day prior to the start of the contracted rental period. No transfer of fees will be applied for day of cancellations.

Forms of Payment

Full payment is required at time of reservation for all equipment, either by phone or in person. Rental payments can be made with a Visa, Discover, or Mastercard.

Late Returns

All rentals are due during our open hours (usually noon-6:00pm) on the contracted return date (no drop off option after hours). Any rentals returned late will accrue a charge of twice (200%) the daily rate per day it is late. All charges are based on the time that the equipment is under the renter’s responsibility, whether it is in use or not.

Damaged or Lost Equipment

It is the renter’s responsibility to check for flaws, defects, and damage prior to accepting the equipment. At the request of the renter, the rental staff will assemble and/or review equipment usage and condition at the time of rental pickup.

Please allow up to 30 minutes upon returning of equipment for staff to check over the equipment. Fees will be assessed by the staff for any equipment that is lost, stolen, dirty, damaged, and/or deemed un-serviceable. Damaged equipment fees (labor + material cost) may be reassessed by management up to five business days after return. The renter is responsible for paying the fees assessed by the staff.

Any fees left unpaid for more than 20 business days will result in a registration hold placed on a BSU student’s transcript. Non-students will be turned into a collection agency and the renter will be responsible for all collection fees.


Equipment may be reserved up to six months in advance. Reservations may be made over the phone or in person. Renter must pay 100% of the total fee due at the time of the reservation. Please call us at (208) 426-1946.