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Outdoor Program Trip Information

Thanks for your interest in an Outdoor Program Trip! Our trips are designed to foster growth within the group and to empower the individual. The Outdoor Program trips are unique and take place in dynamic environments which enrich the experience of all who join. Thanks for joining our adventure.

If you have questions or concerns about your trip, please contact your trip leaders directly. Trip leaders will typically reach out one to three weeks before a trip. If you have not yet heard from your trip leaders, you can reach out to

Health and Waiver Form

We ask that every participant fill out a Health and Waiver form for each trip that they take with the Outdoor Program. This form collects information that is crucial to managing risk in outdoor environments, and is kept confidential within Outdoor Program staff. Please complete this form at your earliest convenience. Participants should complete one form for each trip they register for. 

Health and Waiver Form

Please do not fill out this form until you have signed up for your trip.

Ski/Snowboard Form

If you signed up for a Bogus Ski/Snowboard Night, please fill out this form at your earliest convenience so that we can reserve and prepare your equipment.

Ski/Snowboard Form

Packing Lists

Trips Policies and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Trip Details

Where are we going?

We explore many different areas both near Boise and farther from home! Location information for each trip can often be found on the signup page for that trip, but we sometimes need to be flexible about our location to adapt to changing weather conditions, road conditions, and group needs.

Trip leaders will reach out to participants with an itinerary and logistical details via email before the trip.

What should I bring?

Trip leaders will reach out to participants with a packing list in the weeks leading up to the trip. You can also check out links to our packing lists above. 

Can I bring my own gear?

Yes! The Outdoor Program will provide all outdoor activity related gear. If you prefer to use your own sleeping bag, tent, backpack, or other personal gear feel free to bring it, just check with your trip leader first. For safety gear like personal flotation devices (PFDs), harnesses, and helmets, we tend to require use of our gear to ensure we’re following the standards of the outdoor activity industry.

Eligibility and Signing up for Trips

How do I register for a trip?

You can register for a trip on the Boise State University Campus Recreation website using the following link.

Click here to sign up!

For incoming students looking to sign up for an orientation trip, please head to your orientation portal, Slate, to register.

Who is eligible for Outdoor Program Trips?

Trips are only available to Boise State University students.

If you’re a faculty or staff member, we offer custom programs for University affiliated programs and departments. Find more information through the following link.

Custom Programs

What if I am a beginner?

We welcome all experience levels on our trips! The Outdoor Program will teach any necessary skills and provide all equipment needed for your trip. 

Refunds and Cancellations

I signed up for a trip but can no longer attend. How do I cancel?

As soon as possible, please reach out to your trip leader, email, call us at (208) 426-1946, or come in to the Rental Center office to let us know. We are not able to offer refunds in all cases, but letting us know as soon as possible helps us get other folks outside. 

Can I get a refund?

We offer refunds in the following circumstances:

  1. A participant cancels their enrollment 1 week prior for day trips, 2 weeks for weekend trips, 3 weeks for extended trips (4+ days).
  2. The trip is canceled by the Outdoor Program due to inclement weather, unforeseeable circumstances, or insufficient registrations. 
  3. A participant presents an authorization of absence from a doctor or the Dean of Students office.
  4. Other circumstances as determined by OP Trips Managers or Professional Staff. 

Mandatory Pre-trip Meetings

Are the Pre-Trip Meetings required?

All trip participants are required to attend all scheduled pre-trip meetings. All overnight trips and some day trips have a pre-trip meeting.

Participants who do not attend the pre-trip meeting for the trip they are registered for will forfeit their spot on the trip and will not be eligible for a refund. Pre-trip meetings are an essential part of the trip to communicate key information and start building group culture.

Information about the pre-trip time and location (or Zoom link) will be sent by trip leaders in the welcome email.

If you cannot attend, please reach out to your trip leader as soon as possible to find an alternative time.

Medical, Health, and Fitness

Medical Insurance

Boise State University cannot be held responsible for any injury, property loss or damaged equipment while participating in an Outdoor Program activity.
Participants are individually responsible for their personal medical expenses. For your personal protection, sickness and accident insurance is recommended.

Health Concerns

All participants will be required to complete a Health & Waiver Form prior to the trip.

Trip leaders are medically trained to respond to emergencies in the wilderness. They will carry first aid kits at all times. Be sure and bring any prescription medications you need.  Please address current health issues to your trip leaders so they are aware of any particular needs or special requirements that may be needed to accommodate.

Physical Fitness

Outdoor Program trips require a wide range of physical fitness. We strive to adapt programming to a range of limitations; if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Outdoor Program staff or your trip leader as soon as you are able.

We are not qualified to evaluate your fitness level so you must evaluate your fitness level as appropriate for any given trip. If you are unsure of your physical condition, you should consult with a physician before the trip.

This said, we do plan our trips to be welcoming to folks without experience.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Firearms

University policy does not allow during the trip the use of alcohol, illegal substances and/or smoking (or use of tobacco products). It is prohibited to carry firearms during trips.

Any participant found breaking this policy will be removed from the trip at the participant’s expense.  Individuals using alcohol or illegal substances will be subject to action by law enforcement or University Student Conduct Officer.

Harassment and Discrimination

Boise State University is committed to maintaining a working and learning environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and violence in which all members of the University community are treated with dignity and respect. The University strives to create an environment that supports, encourages and rewards career and educational advancement on the basis of ability and performance.

Accordingly, Boise State prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression and pregnancy. The University also prohibits sexual harassment, including but not limited to, sexual misconduct, domestic/dating violence, and stalking.

The University will promptly and fairly investigate allegations of discrimination or sexual harassment in accordance with this policy.

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