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Facility and Field Reservations

Reserve a Space

All reservation requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the event. Larger event reservations must be submitted one month prior to the event. Requests submitted within the required timelines are subject to denial.

Boise State Student Organizations must submit their event request through Engage.

Please review the Pricing Sheet and Facility Policies prior to submission. The Pricing Sheet lists all reservable spaces and equipment.




Located on the second floor, this spacious room contains tables, desks, whiteboards, and a smart projector that can be used for a variety of activities.

Conference Room

The conference room includes plenty of seating, a large table, and various other meeting hardware for all your meeting purposes.

First Level Courtyard

Located on the ground level, this outdoor enclosed area has a large shaded patio with grass and picnic tables. There is ample room for catering or information booths that often set up for events in this space.

Front Patio

Located in front of the campus recreation building, this open cemented patio gets high foot and car traffic. With clear visibility from the nearby Student Union Building and the Micron Center for Materials Research building, this is a great spot to interact with the university public.

Rec Lobby

Entering the Rec, you will find yourself in the lobby area with tables, chairs, and TVs. The high ceilings and grand windows add to the stylish atmosphere of this bustling spot. Located near the information desk, it is the busiest area in the Rec.

Racquetball Court

All Racquetball Courts

The Rec has four 800 square foot racquetball courts where you can play singles or doubles or play cutthroat with 3 players.

Gym Court

2 basketball courts with a total of 16,000+ square feet of activity space encompased in the entire gymanasium. Each court has a net divider to separate activities.

Climbing Gym

Indoor access controlled climbing facilities-tower and bouldering area.


On the second floor, there are two mirrored studios with different equipment. They can be used for group fitness classes and other activities.

Turf Field

Located at the heart of the Boise State University campus, the Lincoln Avenue Recreation Field is a 95,000-square-foot artificial turf field marked for soccer and lacrosse, complete with walkways, fences, a score board, and bleachers.

IM Grass Field

This grass field is located behind the Student Union Building and is maintained by the university. It is frequently used for various activities due to its high-traffic location.

Beach Volleyball Complex

There are three sand courts available for beach volleyball located next to Lincoln Turf Field, providing an opportunity for participants to enjoy outdoor activities.

Rec Pool

The Rec Pool features a swimming pool, a lap lane, and a spa for leisurely swimming.

Lap Pool

The Multipurpose pool offers a myriad of benefits to swimming enthusiasts. The pool features six lanes, each marked with bright lane lines, making it easy for swimmers to keep track of their progress and stay on course.

Full Aquatics Complex

The Aquatics Complex is an impressive swimming facility ample for all sorts of activities. In addition to the multipurpose pool, recreational pool, and spa, the spacious pool deck comes equipped with comfortable seating.