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Fitness Class Descriptions

Fitness Classes


Aqua Pilates

Dive into this low-impact and dynamic fitness class that combines Pilates principles and aquatics for a refreshing new fitness class. You’ll experience a low-impact and dynamic workout that is designed to help you build core strength and power while enhancing your balance and flexibility.


Barre is a fusion of strength training, ballet, and Pilates. This workout pairs light dumbbells with your own body weight and high repetitions to give you a great muscular endurance workout.

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This 45-minute cycle class takes you through different hills, flats, and drills that incorporate endurance, power, and speed to give you a great workout!

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High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) combines various equipment ranging from free weights to suspension trainers to create a high energy cardio and muscular endurance workout.

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Feel empowered as you practice various kickboxing moves and strength exercises to upbeat music.  Throughout this high energy class you will have a chance to challenge your coordination, mental focus, endurance, and strength.

Total Body Strength

Total body strength is a full body strength workout. Participants will use various equipment such as dumbbells, sand bags, and body bars for a great workout!

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Come and enjoy 45 minutes of yoga. Throughout this class you will engage your core, challenge your balance, and increase your flexibility.

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Yoga on the Blue

Yoga on the Blue is our annual one hour outdoor yoga class on the blue turf field at the Albertsons Stadium. Yoga on the Blue will be on Saturday, April 23rd from 10:00-11:00am.

Some yoga mats will be provided, but please bring your own yoga mat or towel, if possible. Participants can enter through Gate A of the Albertsons Stadium starting at 9:30am on Saturday, April 13th.

For questions about the event, contact Kassidy Hays at