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Membership Pricing

Boise State Students, Community Members, & Affiliate Members Pricing Chart

TypeSummer Memberships
(Prorated 7/6/21)
Fall Semester ProrateFall or Spring Term3 Terms (Annual)Payroll Deduction30-days
Full-Time Student
(11+ credits + Student activity fee)
Activity fee pays for membership
(6+ summer course credits)
Enrolled in 11+ credits total for term.
Activity fee pays for membershipxxx
Part-time Student
(10 or less credits + student activity fees)
(5 or less summer course credits)
Enrolled in 10 or less credits.
(Student on Fee Waiver/Reduce Fees)$33$38$75xx$25
Boise State Community$40$65$129$299$11.17 (faculty/staff only)$30
Boise State Affiliate$48$75$149$360x$35

Family Members Pricing Chart

TypesSummer Membership
(Prorate 7/6/21)
Fall Semester ProrateFall or Spring Term3 Terms (Annual)Payroll Deduction
(Benefit of Faculty/Staff only)
Student Spouse/Partner$40$65$129xx$30
Boise State Partner/Spouse & Dependents 18-22 years old $48$65$129$299$11.17$30
Affiliate Spouse/Partner & Dependent 18-22 years old

(Primary member must have a Rec Center pass)
Dependents 3-15 years old$10$20$39$99$5.68$13.25
Dependents 16-17 years old$23$30 $65$159$5.68$18.25

Membership Periods

Term Membership

This membership aligns with the student schedule, automatically given to full-time students with 11+ credits and paying the student activity fee. Others can purchase this pass at the beginning of the semester and the pass will automatically expire at the end of the term.

Multi-Term Membership

This membership is an option for Boise State Community and Affiliate Members only. Multiple terms can be purchased in advance. Membership expires at the end of the term.

Fall 20218/20/211/6/22
Spring 20221/7/225/5/22
Summer 20225/6/228/18/22

Payroll Deduction

Benefit-eligible faculty/staff and their family members are able to purchase this membership in person at the Rec Center. Billing of membership is automatically deducted from bi-weekly paychecks, no commitment term is required.  Membership requires cancellation to stop billing. Cancellation can be done in person, or via email.

30-Day Membership

This membership is 30 days and expires automatically. Members may renew the membership after expiration date. This membership has:

  • No contract
  • No commitment requirement
  • No cancellation date

5 or 10 Multi-Visit Passes

This membership is by visits and may be purchased in quantities of 5 or 10 visits. A day pass or guest pass is $6, so members save $1 off each visit.  These passes expire after 365 days. All guests must be accompanied by an active Campus Recreation member to use their visits.

  • 5 Visits = $25
  • 10 Visits = $45