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Membership Pricing

Summer Membership Pricing Chart

Membership pricing goes into effect on May 5.

TypeSummer TermAgreement Billing30 Days5 Visits10 Visits
Full-Time Student
(6 + credits + Student activity fee)
Activity fee pays for membershipxxxx
Part-time Student
(5 or less credits + student activity fees)
(Student on Fee Waiver/Reduce Fees)$89x$30$35$60
Boise State Faculty & Staff$99$40$40$35$60
Boise State Community$99x$40$35$60
Boise State Affiliate$119$40
(Lifetime Alumni Association & Emeriti ONLY)

Family Membership Pass Types

TypesSummer TermAgreement Billing30 Days5 Visits10 Visits
Student Spouse/Partner$99x$40$35$60
Faculty & Staff Spouse/Partner$99$30$40$35$60
Affiliate Spouse/Partner & Dependent 18-22 years old

(Primary member must have a Rec Center pass)
Dependents 2-15 years old$29$9$10$35$60
Dependents 16-17 years old$49$15$15$35$60
Adult Dependent 18-22 years old$119$30$40$35$60

Membership Periods