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Membership Pricing

Summer Membership Pricing Chart

Membership pricing goes into effect on May 6.

TypeDescription of eligibilitySummer Term30 days5 day multi-visit10 day multi-visit
Boise State Students
Students enrolled in summer classes. 6+ credits: Free
5 or less credits: $45
Students not enrolledBoise State and non-Boise States that are enrolled in upcoming Fall Semester. $55$25$25$45
Boise State CommunityEmployed or recently graduated from Boise State. $79$25$25$45
Boise State AffiliatesAffiliated through Boise State departments. $99$30$25$45
Boise State Family MembersSpouse/partners and dependents of Boise State community.Faculty or Student Spouse/Partner: $79
Affiliate: $99
Faculty or Student Spouse/Partner: $25
Affiliate: $30
Boise State Family MembersDependents 2-15 years old$29$8.25
Boise State Family MembersDependents 16-17 years old$55$13.25
Boise State Family MembersDependents 18-22 years old$99$30

Membership Periods