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Locker and Towel Service

All locker purchases include complimentary shower and sweat towel service. Towels are checked out and recorded under your member profile. Members are responsible for returning towels to Rec Center staff after each use.

Upon the expiration of your locker service, please remove all items from the locker and leave the lock on the locker. All items left in lockers after the expiration date will be stored at the Rec Center for 30 days. All locker purchases are non-refundable.

Summer ’21 Locker Room Project Update

  • In Summer 2021, the Rec Center will be undergoing construction on the showers and restrooms located in both the Men’s & Women’s Poolside Locker Rooms
  • Poolside showers and restrooms will be closed for duration of this construction project
  • Access to the Aquatics Complex via locker rooms will be unavailable, thus all patrons will need to exit the locker room from the front entrance and proceed to go through the hallway doors to reach the Pool Deck
  • The projected timeline for this project and closure is May 8th – Aug 20th

Men’s Locker Room

  1. Pool side lockers will still be available for renewal & sale (not available online) though we encourage patrons to relocate to the Rec side lockers due to the noise and distance from on-going construction

Women’s Locker Room

  1. Due to this construction and layout of the locker room, the entire Women’s Poolside Locker Room will be closed for the duration of the Summer ‘21 semester
  2. All Poolside lockers will be inaccessible and current locker occupants looking to continue their locker service into the Summer will need to relocate their belongings to a new locker located in the Rec side of the locker room

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