Club Sports

Club sports are student-run organizations for those who have a passion for a particular sports or who want to learn a new sport. Club sport program emphasizes leadership, education and service through the sport it offers.

How to Join a Club Sport

  • Find a club that interests you
  • Contact the Club President
  • Attend a Practice

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Enrolled in four (4) credits during the semester of club involvement
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Carry health insurance
  • Submit a yearly Participation Waiver (available on Org Sync)


For all club sport forms and waivers, please join the Club Sports portal on Org Sync

Org Sync

Pay Your Club Dues Online

Club Sport Home Schedule

Jan. 11Men's Ice HockeyUniversity of Oregon10:15 PMIdaho Ice World
Jan. 12Men's Ice HockeyUniversity of Oregon12:30 PMCentury Link Arena
Jan. 19Men's RugbyUniversity of Oregon12 PMTurf Field
Feb. 2Women's RugbyWashington State 10 AMTurf Field
Feb. 2Men's Ice HockeyArizona State12:30 PMCentury Link Arena
Feb. 2Men's LacrosseWashington State 1 PMTurf Field
Feb. 2Men's LacrosseWeber State3 PMTurf Field
Feb. 3Men's Ice HockeyArizona State9:15 AMIdaho Ice World
Feb. 9Women's RugbyUniversity of Oregon11 AMTurf Field
Feb. 9Men's RugbyOregon State2 PMTurf Field
Feb. 23Men's RugbyWestern Washington12 PMTurf Field
Mar. 2SoftballWashington StateTBDTBD
Mar. 3SoftballWashington StateTBDTBD
Mar. 8Women's LacrosseTBDTBDTurf Field
Mar. 9Women's LacrosseTBDTBDTurf Field
Mar. 10Women's LacrosseTBDTBDTurf Field
Mar. 12Men's LacrosseDominican 5 PMTurf Field
Mar. 16Men's LacrosseUtah Valley1 PMTurf Field
Mar. 30BaseballMontana State1 PMBoise Hawks Stadium
Mar. 31BaseballMontana State11 AMBoise Hawks Stadium
Apr. 3Men's LacrosseCal State San Marcos5 PMTurf Field
Apr. 6 Men's LacrosseOregon State4 PMTurf Field
Apr. 6SoftballUniversity of OregonTBDTBD
Apr. 7SoftballUniversity of OregonTBDTBD
Apr. 12Men's LacrosseUniversity of Oregon4 PMTurf Field
Apr. 13BaseballUtah State1 PMBoise Hawks Stadium
Apr. 14BaseballUtah State11 AMBoise Hawks Stadium
Apr. 20Men's LacrosseIdaho7 PMAlbertson's Stadium
Apr. 28BaseballTBD1 PMBoise Hawks Stadium
Apr. 29BaseballTBD11 AMBoise Hawks Stadium