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Grade My Classes


Instructors can access grade rosters for classes they are currently teaching, as well as classes already loaded that they are assigned to teach in future semesters.

Follow this separate guide for help on moving Canvas grades to PeopleSoft.


Select Faculty Center.

Example of clicking the Faculty Center button - view larger image

From the Faculty Center, select the Grade Roster link. Verify the term before opening your grade roster. If you would like to change the term, click the Change Term button.

Example of clicking a grade roster icon

The grade roster for the selected course opens. If your grade roster is blank, please contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance.

Example of the grade roster and selecting Save and Submit buttons.

After saving your grade roster, you will receive a message explaining you still need to submit the grades in order for them to be official.

Example of the grades saved message - view larger image

Instructors can record and submit grades for their classes anytime up to the online grading deadline. A Submit Confirmation page will display. Select OK to submit your grades or Cancel to return to the grade roster. Note: Clicking OK will make the grades viewable to students.

Example of the grades submit message - view larger image

If you want to change grades transferred from Canvas to PeopleSoft, you will need to submit the grades first. Once you have submitted your grades, a Request Grade Change option will appear. If this option does not appear, please contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance.

Incomplete Contracts

If you assigned a student a grade of Incomplete, enter the Incomplete Contract information. Students can view the contract information. The student will also receive an email notification that you have assigned them a grade of incomplete.

Complete the F Grades & Incompletes Contract page for all students and select Submit. The word “Submitted” will display after the information has saved.

If the student’s EMPL ID does not auto-populate in the Incomplete Contracts section, return to the grade roster and input the Incomplete grade.

When filling out this form only click required fields, or you will get an error message when submitting the form that says “highlighted fields are required” despite no fields being highlighted. If you get that error message, please reload the page and re-enter the information.

Example of entering an incomplete contract and selecting the Submit button.

F Grades

For Financial Aid purposes, you will need to complete additional information on students receiving a grade of ‘F’.

If the student completed the course and earned a grade of ‘F’, check “Student Completed Course”.

If the student earned an ‘F’ because they never attended class, check “Student Never Attended”.

If the student earned an ‘F’ because they stopped attending class part way through the semester, input the date the student last attended.

Example of selecting F grade reason for giving an F and selecting the Submit button.

Note: If you need to go back and fix an incomplete contract or F grade form after you’ve submitted grades, you can do so from the Grade Roster. Select the F Grade Form and Incomplete Contract button located in the Grade Roster Action box. There you will be able to make any changes and save.

Example of the F Grade Form and Incomplete Contract button link

Need Assistance?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at (208) 426-4249, (800) 824-7017, or email

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