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Faculty Grading

Faculty Grading FAQs

Incomplete Grades

How do I change an incomplete grade, after the semester is over?

You must submit a grade change card to the Registrar’s Office. To change a grade of I to a grade of F requires the signature of the instructor. The department chair signature is not required.

How do I extend an incomplete grade beyond the contract end date?

The student must complete an Academic Appeal form requesting an extension beyond the contract end date. The appeal should be accompanied by a letter supporting the extension from the instructor who assigned the original incomplete grade or the department chair.

How do I give a student an incomplete grade

To give a student a grade of I (incomplete), you must record a grade of I on the grade roster. When you submit the grade, an Incomplete Contract Page will automatically appear and you must enter the contract details. The student will be notified that they have a Registrar’s To Do Item on myBoiseState. That is where the student will have access to the Incomplete Contract terms.

What should an Incomplete Contract include?

Valid contracts should reference work or assignments that must be completed by the student to receive a grade. A contract cannot direct the student to retake the course. Blank incomplete contracts are converted to a grade of F, when grades are made official.

What if the student never completes the requirements on the Incomplete Contract?

If, at the end of one year, no Grade Change card has been received by the Registrar’s Office, a grade of F will automatically be posted. No further action is required.

Grade Changes

How do I submit a grade change?

You can make grade changes for the current semester through myBoiseState, until the deadline. To change a grade after the deadline, you may complete a paper Grade Change Card or send an email with the following information to

Student Name:
Student ID:
Catalog Info:  (e.g. 12345 ENGL 101-001)
Instructor Name:
Instructor ID:
Semester and Year: (e.g. SPRING 2023)
Current Grade:
Change to:
Reason for grade change: (e.g. Grading error, Completed work, Completed incomplete contract, etc. – supplemental information such as medical documents is not required.)

Please only include one grade change/student per email. The email request must come from the domain. Hard copy Grade Change Cards can be obtained from your department or the Registrar’s Office.

Who needs to sign a grade change?

Depending on the type of grade change, the following signature(s) are needed to change:

  • An incomplete to a grade – instructor signature only (unless required by the department)
  • A grade to another grade – both instructor and chair signature
  • A grade to an incomplete – both instructor and chair signature
  • A missing grade to a grade – both instructor and chair signature

How do I turn in my grades?

How do I turn in my grades?

Please follow the instructions below to input your grades online through your Faculty Center.

  1. Log in to your myBoiseState employee account.
  2. Select Campus Solutions (PeopleSoft) from the right hand navigation.
  3. Go to the Faculty Center tile.
  4. Select ‘My Schedule’
  5. Select the ‘Grade Roster’ icon next to the class that needs to be graded.
  6. Input grades and click ‘Save’.
  7. Click the ‘Submit’ button on the far right. (Helpful Hint: Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page on the far right.)

Faculty who use the grade book on Canvas can transfer or upload grades directly into PeopleSoft.

Links for detailed instructions on grading:
Grade My Classes
Correct Submitted Grades

Additionally, instructions on how to grade courses are emailed to all faculty.

Grade Roster

What happens if I leave a blank grade on my roster?

A grade roster cannot be submitted if it contains missing grades.

What if students who completed my class are missing from my grade roster?

The Registrar’s Office will assist you with this. Click on the “Questions? Ask the Registrar’s Office” link at the bottom of the grade roster to send an email to the Registrar’s Office. Be sure to include the student’s name, student number, and what class and section this is for.

What if students who did not attend my class appear on my grade roster?

Assign that student the grade of F. Upon submitting the grade online, indicate on the “F Grade Page” that the student never attended class.

What if the grading basis for my class is different then the grade basis (i.e., Letter Grade vs. Pass/Fail) on the roster?

The Registrar’s Office will assist you with this. Click on the “Questions? Ask the Registrar’s Office” link at the bottom of the grade roster to send an email to the Registrar’s Office. Be sure to include the class number and what the grading basis should be. Do not submit grades with the incorrect grading basis.

Grading Deadlines

When are grades due?

The grade due dates for each session can be found on the Academic Calendars webpage in the corresponding semester. The dates will be in the table at the top of each page for each session. These dates do not mean the grades are official. The grades are not considered official until all grades for the semester have been processed.

Why is there a grading deadline?

To better serve students, it is expected that grades for each session should be submitted and available to students a week after the session has ended. In order to make grades official, the Registrar’s Office must run several processes. After grades are made official, financial aid can be disbursed, transcripts can be sent, and degrees can be awarded.

When can students see their grades?

When can students see their grades?

After submitting your grade roster, students will be able to see their grades in their Student Center on myBoiseState.

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