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Schedule Change Request for Fall/Spring

If you are adding a new Extended Studies class/section or making a change to an existing Extended Studies class, please use the Extended Studies Schedule Change Request Form.

All Internships, Practicums, Independent Study, Directed Research, and Reading and Conference must be set up by Rhosan Ames. Please email to start the process.

If a general purpose classroom is required for this request, please email or to secure a room prior to submitting this form.

The Registrar’s Office cannot apply related fees. If a class fee has already been approved for the new section/class being added, please e-mail Cristin Schmidt at immediately after adding the class so that students don’t register before the fee is added. Failure to do this may result in the class fee not being added until the next term. It is imperative that the timing for adding the class and the class fee happens simultaneously.

This form will only be accepted from Department Chairs, Deans, and Administrative Assistants. All class cancellations and day/time changes must be approved by the Dean.

If you do not receive an email confirmation, contact or