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Extended Studies Schedule Change Request Form

Schedule Change Request for Summer Sessions, eCampus (Online), or Regional Sites

Please use this form to complete one of the following actions for classes that are offered in Summer Sessions, Online, Regional Sites (Boise State Center at CWI, Twin Falls, Coeur d’Alene, and Micron) and self-support programs with Extended Studies oversight:

  • add a class
  • change an existing class
  • cancel an existing class
  • change an instructor
  • or change an enrollment cap

This form will only be accepted from Department Chairs, Deans and Administrative Assistants. All class cancellations and day/time changes must be approved by the Dean.

If a class fee has already been approved for the new section/class being added, please e-mail Cristin Schmidt at immediately after submitting this form so that students don’t register before the fee is added. Failure to do this may result in the class fee not being added until the next term. It is imperative that the timing for adding the class and the class fee happens simultaneously. Extended Studies Scheduling can assist with this.


Summer Sessions workshop proposals can be submitted using the Workshop Request Form.

For more information

Please call Boise State Extended Studies Scheduling Manager at (208) 426-5918, or email us:

Schedule Change Request Form