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Right of Appeal

You have the right to appeal any academic policy or requirement if either of the following conditions is present:

  • Extenuating circumstances make it impossible for you to comply with the policy or requirement.
  • An undue hardship would result from a strict application or interpretation of the policy or requirement.

Please note, however, that extenuating circumstances must be beyond your control and that undue hardship must be a condition far more serious than simple inconvenience. Documentation will be required and the timeliness of the appeal will be taken into consideration.  Instructions on how to submit an appeal can be found on the Academic Appeal Form.

If you appeal an academic policy or requirement, the dean of the college responsible for your major or the University Academic Appeals Committee will most likely review that appeal. For more information about appeals and grievances, see the Boise State University Policy Manual.

Appeal to Add a Class After the Deadline

To add a class in the current semester after the add deadline for the session, you must submit an academic appeal to the University Academic Appeals Committee.  Documentation will be required and the timeliness of the appeal will be taken into consideration. Instructions on how to submit an appeal can be found on the Academic Appeal Form.

Appeal to Withdraw from a Class After the Deadline

If you need to drop a class in a current semester after the last drop deadline for the session, but before the session ends, you must submit an appeal using the Request to Withdraw from a Class After the Deadline form. Read the instructions, fill out the form, submit a written letter, and provide documentation of extenuating circumstances that would justify an exemption to the drop deadline policy. The instructor may deny the appeal. If the instructor signs the form, then you can proceed to request approval and signature from the dean (or associate dean). Once you receive all required signatures, submit the form to the Registrar’s Office, Administration Building, Room 110, (208) 426-4249, for processing.

Appeal to Completely Withdraw from the University

If you wish to leave the university in good standing, you must drop all your current semester classes and remove yourself from any waitlists by logging in to your Student Center on myBoiseState. If the complete withdrawal for regular session is made after the tenth day of classes and you have not paid your fees, you are still responsible for the entire amount of fees incurred plus a nonrefundable $40.00 administrative processing fee. If you do not cancel your registration or completely withdraw by the appropriate deadline for the session, you will be awarded a final grade of F. Refer to the Academic Calendars webpage for session deadlines.

A complete withdrawal after the published deadline will only be granted by appeal and because of extraordinary circumstances through the Registrar’s Office. An Academic Appeal Form must be completed and submitted. 

Appeals for Grade Exclusion

You may petition to exclude from GPA calculation any grades earned at Boise State or at another institution in one or two semesters in which your GPA is less than 2.00. You must complete a Request for Grade Exclusion form and meet all the following criteria:

  • You must not have been a student at any institution of higher education for at least five years, or at least eight years must have elapsed since you received the grades you wish to have excluded.
  • After being readmitted and before applying for grade exclusion, you must complete 12 credits at Boise State with a GPA of 2.50 or higher, or 24 credits with a GPA of 2.25 or higher.
  • You have not previously been granted grade exclusion at Boise State.

If you request grade exclusion, you must have all grades excluded in the semester or semesters chosen; you may not choose individual grades. If you wish to exclude grades from two semesters, you must petition for both semesters at the same time on the same form. All grades, past and present, will remain on your transcript, but the excluded grades will not count toward graduation or be calculated in your GPA. However, all grades, including those that have been excluded, will be used to calculate graduation honors. You may receive grade exclusion only once. If you possess a post-secondary degree or certificate, you may not have any grades earned prior to receiving that degree or certificate excluded from your GPA. Grade exclusion may affect your financial aid; contact the Financial Aid Office for details.

Instructions on how to submit an appeal can be found on the Request for Grade Exclusion form.

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