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Married to an Idaho Resident for Idaho Residency

What is Marriage to an Idaho Resident?

You are married to a person who is classified, or eligible for classification, as an Idaho resident for the purpose of attending an institution, except that if you were enrolled full-time in any term during the 12-month period before the term in which you are proposing to enroll as a resident, then you must independently establish domicile.


Domicile is an individual’s true, fixed and permanent home and place of habitation; it is the place where the individual intends to remain and expects to return to when leaving without establishing a new domicile elsewhere.

Required Documentation for Marriage to an Idaho Resident

How to Change Your Residency Status

  1. Choose one of the paths to residency listed below and prepare your documentation.
  2. Complete the Idaho Residency Determination Worksheet.
  3. Email the worksheet and supporting documentation to You may also bring the worksheet and documentation to the Registrar’s Office, Admin Building Room 110.

A form requesting reclassification to resident status may be filed after qualifying criteria have been satisfied but no later than 10 school days after the opening of the semester for which the change in status is requested.


Email or call (208) 426-4249