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Idaho Residency

Defining Idaho Residency

Residency is a legal term and determines if you pay in-state or out-of-state tuition. Residency can be changed during your time at Boise State University, but you must request the change after meeting the state requirements.

Your legal residence for fee purposes is determined at the time of initial application for admission to Boise State and remains unchanged in the absence of satisfactory written evidence to the contrary. The burden of proof in requesting reclassification to resident status rests with you in providing clear and convincing evidence of residency for tuition purposes as defined by the law.

Am I an Idaho Resident?

Your legal residence is determined by your initial admission application. When you apply to Boise State, you’ll be asked if you are an Idaho resident or not. If you were not a resident when you applied to Boise State, the process below will help you change your residency status with Boise State. For questions about your residency status, please email or call (208) 426-4249.

How to Change Your Residency Status

  1. Complete the Idaho Residency Determination Worksheet and prepare needed documentation.
  2. Email the worksheet and supporting documentation to You may also bring the worksheet and documentation to the Registrar’s Office, Admin Building Room 110.
  3. The Residency Coordinator will review your application and email the decision to your BroncoMail.

Deadline to Submit Change in Residency Status

Submit materials after you satisfy qualifying criteria, but no later than 10 school days after the opening of the semester for which the change in status is requested. If you submit a form after the 10th day, it will apply to the following semester.


For questions, email or call (208) 426-4249. You can also schedule an in-person, phone, or remote meeting with the residency coordinator.

Schedule an appointment with the Residency Coordinator

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