Hazard and Climate Resiliency Consortium

Why the HCRC?

Reducing the impact of disasters through the development of resilient communities is a top national priority.  Resiliency refers to a community’s ability to mitigate for,  respond to, and recover from events such as natural (and man-made) hazards. A critical aspect of promoting community resiliency also includes developing creative solutions to combat the long-term effects of climate change.

Creating such a culture of preparedness requires collaboration across many levels of society and professional disciplines, which is what motivated the HCRC.

HCRC Function

HCRC connects researchers, students, and practitioners to facilitate resiliency-focused collaboration across disciplines. The consortium’s efforts will help improve society’s resiliency to hazards and the impacts of a changing climate.

HCRC Vision

HCRC’s vision is to become a national research and training center of excellence that fosters environmental equity and advances hazard and climate change resilience.

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