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Objective 3

Foster Community and Connections

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A resilient community is a connected community. As such, the HCRI strives to build relationships and trust with community partners and communities across Idaho through one-on-one and group meetings, and by attending and presenting at conferences across the state. 

We also bring together people, organizations, and communities who may not otherwise have an opportunity to connect through engagement and networking events. 

Through these efforts we hope to build connections, relationships, and solutions-based, interdisciplinary, community-engaged projects between 

  • researchers across disciplines,
  • researchers and community partners, and
  • community partners across sectors.

Activities under this goal include

1. Monthly Community Engagement Events

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These events bring together community experts from Idaho and beyond to discuss pressing societal issues and challenges under the umbrellas of resilience and sustainability. We invite non-academics to provide critical context on resilience and sustainability issues within and across Idaho communities and their efforts to address challenges. In addition to an opportunity to learn from one another, we anticipate that these events may help inspire collaborative, university-community partnerships on solutions-oriented, real world projects.

Monthly Events, More than 400 attendees!

2. Networking Events/Social Mixers

We hold networking events that bring together university researchers and community partners (existing or potential) to build connections and community. 

These events are intended to celebrate achievements, introduce people from different spaces to one another,  and foster understanding and appreciation for different perspectives on societal challenges. 

Photo of the HCRI's networking event on February 1, 2024.
Photo of people chatting at a table at HCRI's networking event on February 1, 2024.

3. Share events and conferences for HCRI faculty and students to attend

HCRI Faculty and Students will participate in external panel events and conferences with the purpose of listening, learning, connecting, and ultimately building collaborative projects. 
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4. Resource Nexus for Sustainability Grand Challenge

HCRI Director Brand led the 2022 grand challenges proposal, which brings together faculty from across campus to collaborate on a planning grant to create a “interdisciplinary ecosystem” on the topics of sustainability and resilience. 

Since the HCRI is already working hard to create the transdisciplinary research ecosystem, it was natural that we led this effort.
Resource Nexus for Sustainability Website

Photo of the RNS Networking Event.

Photo of the five speakers at the RNS Networking Event.

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